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Surfer DNA by Alberto Guglielmi - Surf and Support

By Amanda Alexandria

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New York City based photographer and lifelong surfer Alberto Guglielmi was inspired to expose the talented professionals near the Rockaway and Long Beach surf areas in NYC! Alberto has assembled 39 portraits of non surfers professionals such as hotelier Sean MacPherson, artist Richard Phillips, chef Sam Talbot, and designer Cynthia Rowley! While the subjects are accomplished professionals in different fields, they identify themselves as having surfing "in their DNA."

Each subject was photographed with surfer fins attached to various locations on the body! Copies of the portraits are available for purchase for $500 with 100% of the proceeds going to Waves For Water Hurricane Sandy Relief Initiative. The event took place at Aesthesia Studios, 12130 Washington Place, Los Angeles, California , June 13th, 2013.



Images Courtesy of Alberto Guglielmi










Published on Aug 25, 2017

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