Sonia Alexandria a Chicago Theatre Actress Now in Los Angeles

Sonia Alexandria is a Chicago based theatre actress who now is transitioning to film work here in Los Angeles.

Sonia Alexandria a Chicago Theatre Actress Now in Los Angeles

Sonia in her own words:

So let me tell you where it all began. I have often been asked the question- “Why are you an actress? Why this profession and not other?”  I guess I could come up with various intellectual answers yet the honest truth is that I cannot not be an actress. I believe I was born to act in order to inspire and that this vision is greater than me. Have you heard of those people who risk everything and follow a path greater than their individuality and their previous identity and history- well, I suppose I am that gal.

Theater rehearsal for "The Exonerated" at La Costa Theater, Chicago

From an early age, I have always been an entertainer. I found that by singing, dancing and acting, it made people around me happy and just their moment of happiness was enough for that five year old then to know I want to continue this. Today, in my twenties, I find myself involved in projects which tend to shake things up and open people’s hearts and eyes - the last show I worked on in Chicago was The Exonerated by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen which is a play based on true story of five American men and one American woman who were convicted and sentenced to death for crimes they did not commit. Some other shows I performed in recently in Chicago were Women of Manhattan by John Patrick Shanley which revolves around the lives of three women who are living in Manhattan; beautiful play which really cuts to the relationship issues which modern women face in a city lifestyle.

Opening night of "Women of Manhattan" at Gorilla Tango Theatre, Chicago

 Other recent show I was in was Merge by Neil LaBute which illustrated the complexities of a modern marriage and how there is no one formula for successful marriage and facing issue of infidelity in a relationship. I think you get the drift. I believe that human beings are so complex and various issues play in our everyday life and sometimes we can only see from outside looking in and I am honored that I can be the tool of human reflection that allows others to see, understand, face, and hopefully help on some level. What inspires me to act is the need to tell a story to the audience and get beyond someone’s mind and to their heart.

As an actress who has a deep respect for the craft, I always try to be as versatile as possible. I love to be challenged by the roles I play and I refuse to play the same characters over and over. To me, a great actor or actress is someone that can play various types of characters and I aspire to that with each role I take on.

Sonia Alexandria a Chicago Theatre Actress Now in Los Angeles

My biggest influences have been Deborah Smith and Candace Silvers. When I trained at Act One Studios in Chicago, I trained with Deborah Smith for almost three years, where I was introduced to the Uta Hagen method of acting. Since recently moving to Los Angeles, I started training with Candace Silvers at the Candace Silvers Studios. Her Master Acting Class challenges and inspires any actor to transcend and become the character, through substitution and her immense understanding of human behavior. As an actress, I feel the training I received from these unique teachers have influenced the path I’m on to hit higher levels of truth and a deeper connection.

As to who I admire, I would have to say extraordinary and courageous people who make a difference in this world and dare to dare life. I can tell you that it is no accident that I have always been attracted to autobiographical films such as Erin Brokovich, Blow, Bugsy, Flash of Genius just to name few. Roles which inspire, heal, and move people are of my interest as an actress and the truth they lead behind their message.

Sonia Alexandria a Chicago Theatre Actress Now in Los Angeles

What I hope to achieve is to always grow as an actress, which is a lifetime commitment. Later in my career, I plan to also transition to a film director and eventually build a film production company in Los Angeles and also open an acting school in Chicago. And that is my story.


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