Skyler Stonestreet - Sweet But Sultry LA Based Musician/Songwriter


Skyler Stonestreet is a sweet but sultry LA based musician with honest songwriting skill and a lot of spunk.  In 2011 Skyler was picked by Rolling Stone Magazine to be one of the sixteen artists to be part of their "You Pick the Cover" promotion, where fans vote for their favorite artist to grace the cover as the first unsigned artist in history.  After making it to the final eight, Skyler and Red Parade Music linked up with Polaroid camera to help promote her single "Polaroid."


After shooting a music video and partnering with the company Skyler debuted her song on where you can see the official video, interviews and behind the scenes footage.

Skyler with Kevin Richardson (a former Backstreet Boy) and Rob Gonzalez, Photo by Lawrence Davis


She has had two national tours and performed with countless acts, including the recent Benefit for the Los Angeles Clinic Foundation with Kevin Richardson (a former Backstreet Boy) and Rob Gonzalez.  Her songs have been featured on a number of major shows such as One Tree Hill, Ghost Whisperer, ABC family's Switched at Birth, Lifetime, CBS, CW, MTV's Laguna Beach, XM radio, Sundance and more, and her EP Shoebop Anonymous (side A and B) are available now on Itunes.  



Here is what Skyler has to say about herself:

“hi. my name is Skyler Stonestreet. I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. When I was 9 my mom and I packed up our life and moved to Santa Barbara, California. It is one of the loveliest towns I’ve ever been to. Growing up I was consumed with classical piano, musicals, and horses. I definitely didn’t get the lead once in my theater endeavors, I didn’t turn out to be a professional horseback rider, or a magical classical pianist, but I did figure out how to write great pop songs. This has fully consumed me ever since. I’ve traveled the country twice in my beat up car, touring and playing every place imaginable. Lots of stories, memories, and strange things happened. The road has been my friend, and music will always have my heart. I love chocolate milk but I’m lactose intolerant. I also love being in pajamas, or getting dressed up for no reason.”


Video link to "Polaroid" airing on MTV.  For more info go to


Cover done to Bruno Mars "Grenade"

Video Skyler took in her bedroom on her phone

Photo by Isaiah Garnica


Other write ups:

"Always unpredictable and ready to put herself out there, Skyler admits she has no plan b. That can-do spirit is why a classically trained pianist mixed it up and went the singer/songwriter route.  Self-described as "spunky with a bit of crazy," Skyler is a free-spirited, highly original artist whose lyrics strike emotional chords."

Photo by Brian Heller


-Rolling Stone

"Skyler walked through the doors and blew me away with a timeless sound that she owns.  As the session progressed, a classic pop sound emerged, and the true quirky spirit of this artist came through.  That's both a beautiful and a rare thing these days."

Photo by Brian Heller


-Peter Zizzo (produced Avril Lavigne, Vanessa Carlton, Celion Dion, Jason Mraz, O.A.R, Donna Summer, Jennifer Lopez, and many more)

Photo by Isaiah Garnica


"Stonestreet's songs are crafted like precious, personal stories, some happy, some sad, and all replete with whimsical vocals and punchy guitar and piano parts. Stonestreet’s voice and lyrics move seamlessly from childlike wonder to coy female songstress, making for tunes that are as brutally truthful as they are fairytale-like. "

-Aly Comingore, Santa Barbara Independent



Twitter @skystonestreet



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