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Sheila B. Review- Model Powerhouse

By Morayo Bakare

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Being born and raised in LA, it was always in front of her—ambition. She could see it in everyone around her and she knew she possessed it inside of her, ready to burst. At a young age Sheila first began singing, exploring all genres from Gospel to R&B to POP to Heavy Metal and ultimately settling down into Alternative.

Music was her passion and she pursued it as a career all throughout her teenage years. Eventually pursuing music turned into more of a hobby that she still practices in her life today, but the line of work that Sheila really going for now is modeling. Being tall in her younger years used to feel like a curse, always taller than the boys in her grade. But as she has matured into a young woman being tall and slim has become a tool she can use to pursue her passion in modeling.

Modeling was always something Sheila dabbled into, being inspired by the most iconic models of this generation such as Naomi Campbell, Dorian Leigh, and Cindy Crawford. With a supportive family and the ambition within her, Sheila finally decided to go full force into the modeling world at the age of 20, all while maintaining her honorary status as a university student.

In her first few weeks of pursuing modeling, Sheila began to be noticed, booking a runway show with acclaimed fashion designer Michael Costello.

Following this, her name began to be spread around town, working with fashion brands and modeling their clothing lines. Only two months into modeling, Sheila B. was flown to New York to walk in Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, an honor many models can only dream of being a part of. And one month later Sheila walked in not one, but 4 shows in Los Angeles Style Week, yet another honor. During these auditions the famous Janis Dickinson, former judge of America’s Next Top Model and noted as the first supermodel, personally told her that she has “the look and the talent to wipe out every other model in the game, if she hones her skills and goes into this full force”. After these motivating words, Sheila did just that and has been pursing modeling full force, chasing her dreams one runway at a time.


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Published on Jan 21, 2015

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