Selena O'Sullivan from Down Under - Taking Los Angeles by Storm

Selena O'Sullivan is a young Australian actress who began her acting career at just 14 years old where she starred in the Australian television show "Outback 8" performing her own stunts as well as acting. "Outback 8" was a hugely popular show and aired in Australia and the United Kingdom

Selena is a highly skilled stunts woman and martial artist and has already appeared in a number of films including "Bloody Luck" and "Escaping the Gang Life" here in the US.  

With Selena's ambitions becoming reality quickly here in Los Angeles she has already been chosen to play a key leading role in the upcoming series "The Searing Scarlet" due to start filming in 2015.  "I am excited about this role, using my stunts skills and training keeps me fit and happy, and I am always grateful to be working".

Selena knew she wanted to act from the age of 11 when she would perform in her local theater where she got bitten by the acting bug.  "My inspiration is Angelia Jolie, Tomb Raider is the kind of movie I want to star in and do my own stunts.  She is so versatile and great human being all round, I admire her as a woman in films".  

In 2016 Selena will be producing her first full length feature film which she is co-writing at the moment between her acting and stunts work which will be filmed in Australia and Norway.  


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