Sanjini Bhakta Acting Biography

My name is Sanjini and I am an actress based in Vancouver, British Columbia. I was born and raised in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe (of Indian descent) where I participated in many school Christmas plays and Drama and Literature Eisteddfods. I wanted to be an actress since I was eight years old and would mention this in my school essays entitled “What I want to be when I grow up?”

I started college in the United States at the age of sixteen but did not pursue acting because I did not believe it was possible for me to be an actress at that time. I attended various colleges in Oklahoma, California and Texas. I received my B.A. in History with a minor in Mathematics from University of Texas at Austin when I was twenty years old. I also received my M.A. in Speech Communications from Texas State University. I moved to Miami briefly, Toronto and then to Vancouver after my studies.

Because of a serendipitous event, I had to volunteer at Jackie Gleason Miami Performing Arts  Center or the Miami Arts Center. I chose the former and this pushed me into acting. I was not afraid to call an acting coach after that and then avidly pursued acting because I knew in my heart that was what I had always loved so passionately. So, I took lots of acting classes, improvisation, movement classes, voice lessons, dance, performed in fifteen student films and was in numerous South Florida plays such as “Merry Wives of Windsor”,“Midsummer Night’s Dream”, restoration comedy “The Way of the World”, etc. 

In Vancouver, I have continued to take classes in cold reading, audition techniques and Shakespeare. I booked a role as a Crack Lady opposite Melissa Leo in Showtime Network’s pilot directed by Ilene Chaiken called “The Farm”. I have also booked a Vancity Bank Commercial and many others. I am in the Union of British Columbia Performers (UBCP). 

I also travel to Los Angeles often. I was a member of the Santa Monica Promenade Playhouse and played the role of Phylis in David Ives’ “All in the Timing” directed by Natalia Lazarus. I recently helped children perform their acting lines and speech for Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity’s Christmas play in Los Angeles. I also work with the Charity in Vancouver.

I have been chastised by the Department of Homeland Security, my family and many friends about my dreams of being an actress for many years. I now will shout out “I AM AN ACTOR”! My destiny is to act and to use my voice to communicate.  “Individual self-expression” motivates me.       

I have always loved acting because I like movies and the theater. I enjoy using my body and my voice as my palate to communicate a story. My approach to acting is to use my instincts and imagination. That is why I think children and animals make the best actors. My acting philosophy is to play and have fun. That is why a play is called a “play”.   

Overall my goal is to be an excellent, successful and actress! I want to produce and act in my own movies. My ultimate goal is to win an Oscar. I want to travel the world because I want to work in exotic locations for film. I want to entertain, bring joy and inspire the world with my charisma, creativity, fire, passion and chutzpah!  

I was also an art model (nude, portrait and gestures) for many colleges, high schools, community centers, video game companies, art studios and institutes in the past. I have also published two children’s books entitled “My Life as a Dollar Bill” and “The Chocolate Pony”. They are illustrated and are available on Amazon, and I also have written fifteen creative children’s stories which I plan to publish (also digitally) and would like a few of them to be made into animated features (I model for so many animators).

I am also a martial artist and have a black belt in Shaolin Kempo which includes swords, katas, pinans, five animals, kempos, etc. I take lessons at dojos in Beverly Hills (when I visit) and North Vancouver. I am currently working with professional boxers to improve my sparring skills. I am also a gym rat. I enjoy doing weights, yoga and physical fitness in general.

Like I have mentioned, volunteering for Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity is a big part of my life. I spend my spare time helping to feed the poor and helping the Sisters with whatever they need done. I also am a world traveler and have visited over thirty-eight countries.


“If one advances confidently in the direction of one's dreams, and endeavors to live the life which one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

 Henry David Thoreau

Links to my website, videos and books:
(SANJINI imdb page)


For me, acting is spiritual. It comes from a spiritual energy or if you want to say God. It is necessary for my soul and destiny!





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