Romanian model Lavinia Interview and Bio - Lavinia: Brains and Beauty


Lavinia is a Romanian model who embodies the classic “brains and beauty” role model for the younger generation. She not only was Miss World Romania in 2010, but after attending Economic High School Maria Teiuleanu in Romania, she came to Tokay High School in Lodi, CA as an exchange student. After graduating, she attended the International University of Monaco, Business Administration from 2008-2009, transferring to the New York Film Academy where she attended from 2009-2011. Romanian is Lavinia’s native language, and she speaks English very well, French and Spanish well, and is learning Italian and Portuguese. She has been in countless music videos, catalogs, and editorials, participated in Romanian fashion weeks and the Couture Fashion Show. She was also a semifinalist for Victoria’s Secret NY top models in 2009, and a semifinalist to the Mafia Game in 2012. Lavinia also is a part of the SunFlower charity in New York in 2009, and Rotary in Romania in 2010. She is an International Member of Police Association (IPA) since 2008. Some of her hobbies include archeology, traveling, tennis, chess, motorcycling, hiking, Pilates, reading, writing, film, and photography.



1. What made you become interested in modeling?

I drawn to the diversity of the activities carried out by models : fashion shows, editorials, commercials. Plus, its a domain that requests to have the power of concentration to differ through face and body expressions, from a job to another. Its a continuously challenge with yourself.


2. When did you start?

I started at 15 years old. It happened to accompany a friend to a casting, when I got remarked by a Matrix representative, who was looking to advertise his new hair products. I was asked to be one of their models in the Romanian's shows. My parents were convinced to allow me because I was excited and it was summer holiday. It was a start that made me hope for more. Right after I started taking runways lessons, photo shootings, and hoped towards a career in this field.


3. In your opinion, what is the most rewarding part of the job?

 The greatest satisfaction is when your image sells the product. It means you got the audience's taste.


4. What has been one of your obstacles?

The prejudices of those around me on a modeling career. My family sees modeling as just a hobby for free time and not at all as a profession. But working hard at school I got the chance to work as a model as well.


5. How have you overcome the obstacle?

With perseverance. In order to maintain myself active as a model and as a good pupil at school, there were lot of efforts, waives and sacrifices. Hardly after age 20, my parents realized that my dreams don't correspond with theirs, so then my life turned in this way. Now they encourage and support me, and they feel proud.



6. What are some very memorable jobs?

I still can't talk about memorable jobs. For me, a memorable job means a career apogee. My profession success is still developing.


7.What lessons have you taken away from this career that you apply to every day life?

 To be on time and be prepared.


8. What was your experience like as Miss World Romania 2010?

It was a unique experience, because this contest aroused in me feelings less experienced till then, such as : patriotism, pride, responsibility. Every contestant did their best in representing their country, not just with beauty but through attitude, behavior and education. There wasn't one girl there just for the award, but for the impression you leave behind. And this impression can define a whole nation.


9. What was your relationship like with other contestants? 

It was a friendship and solidarity relationship during the whole contest. Despite the spirit of competition, there were none fights or wickedness the way we see on TV. I was helped when I need it to, and I got along with all the girls. It wasn't enough time to link strong friendship, but I do keep in touch with some of them.


10.What are some of your future plans? Any other contests? 

In about a month I'll start shooting for False Colors, lead role, a feature to be directed by William Norton and produced by Remote Station Entertainment. Regarding other contests, I am proud to represent Romania at Queen of Universe 2013, which will take place in December, in Los Angeles.



11. What are some of your goals for coming to Los Angeles?

My goal for coming to LA was to complete my NYFA studies. Further on, I decided to stay here, because this town gives opportunities to advance as a model and actress. The fact that in LA you get to learn from the people in the film industry and work with them, its a huge chance to make a thriving career.


12. How have your past experiences influenced you today? 

During Junior year of High School, I was an exchange student in Lodi, CA. I was 17 when I came to US. I came with lot of hopes and wishes regarding my modeling career. Unfortunately, the extra-school activities and the rules were stricter then in my country. But I didn't quit school, and I was a good pupil. I kept in my soul my dreams and hopes and I knew that at one point the time will come for that too. I learned to be patience, stronger, persevering, to have sense of honesty and responsibility. So, I believe through my experience I am here today.


13. What type of acting are you planning on doing? (commercials, comedy roles, drama roles, etc.)

In my career, it won't have priority a certain type of acting, for me will count the interpretation of a role. As long as its a serious, strong role that fits me, I'll never refuse that.



14. Any advice you can give to the young girls of today?

To enjoy the youth's power and beauty, to respect educational and moral values, and to fight for their dreams and they will come true.


15.  What would be your dream vacation?

Greece is the country that offers me all the elements equivalent to a dream vaccination : an empty beach on a island with beautiful views, amazing architecture, taverns with traditional music and food. Its a touristic destination that I am delighted to recommended it.


16. What do you like to do to relax?

It depends on my spirit. Sometimes I like to lay on my balcony and read a book, or play chess online, or going hiking, or sometimes I just love to relax at the spa. 


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