Rising "Trip-Hop" Artist CAYSON - Bringing a Fresh New Genre to the Music World

Timothy Lee Cayson Jr. (born June 14, 1982), better known by his stage name "CAYSON," is an American Rapper, Singer and all around Entertainer.

Being the first of seven children to set the tone for a leader in the making, CAYSON hopes that by using his family’s name, he will bring change and opportunity to them all. As the nephew of a long list of entertainers, CAYSON was raised in a musical family.

CAYSON is an all American rapper, singer, and entertainer

 The Christians All-Stars, Golden Wonders and the Gospel Cousins, to name a few, were all very successful, well-known Gospel groups in the North East Region. “I did not choose music, music chose me," CAYSON says, “I always knew that I had it in me, but it wasn't until I was forced to use it, yeah that’s when I seen my true potential".

Growing up in a rural town of roughly 45,000 people, CAYSON stood out as a born entrepreneur. During his younger years, CAYSON seemed to mature quicker than many of his peers. He constantly introduced himself with new surroundings, new people, and new sets of friends, and he found it very easy to build relationships outside out the boundaries set by most. This popular life style gave CAYSON an opportunity to broaden his mind and offered him many experiences from which to draw inspiration.


CAYSON currently resides in West Palm Beach, FL

He began to perceive the world differently than most kids, and he would write his thoughts down every day. These thoughts would become the foundation for his future, life goals and plans. Although his athletic abilities pushed him to the fore front, music and entertaining has always been his love and passion.

Since the age of five, CAYSON has been interested in the beauty of music and the joy that it brings. Participating in school musical ensembles all through his early years of education, CAYSON was able to travel around the world, singing in Vocal Competition under the direction of Patricia Holt (Warren G. Harding High school) and he developed a love for singing and dancing while traveling on the road. CAYSON also enjoyed performing in his church choir as well as free style competitions in his aunt’s basement held by CAYSON himself.


He was inspired by musical artists from all genres (Hip-hop, Pop, Rock, R&B). He also showed off his modeling and acting prowess by imitating the lifestyle of such Entertainers that he idolized; Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan & Don King. By the time he was eleven, he was doing promotions for local high school gatherings, fundraisers, and sporting events.


CAYSON also started a Trendy Hip-Hop Group by the name of “ The Usual Suspects”. This eager young group featured artists including, Jay 5, Shady, and Chill, which was CAYSON’s first artist name. This young, talented, and very dedicated group traveled all over the Mid-West to perform at night clubs, Festivals, & even opened up for numerous acts such as; Scarface, Devin the Dude & Too Short. "By the time I was sixteen we had a dozen record executives looking to sign us, but no one really gave an offer that I thought was worth me pursuing and not continuing and furthering my education,” CAYSON adds.

CAYSON's hot new single "Paint This Town Red"

While his studies took the forefront, CAYSON continued to pursue his artistic outlets, taking the stages of his local school’s theatrical productions and local choir outings. Aside from the musical root that he felt compelled to water and flourish, CAYSON also continued to pursue his athletics. This included a Division 1AA College Scholar Athletic tenure at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Md., receiving a Bachelors Degree in Health Education. In addition, he added Fitness modeling, Clothing design, Entertainment Marketing in his path to success. In this time of constant uproar there has never been a moment when CAYSON was not trying to better himself, his career and future.

Fast forward to the present, CAYSON is now coming full circle in his career developing himself into what is known as a Commercial artist.


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 " I am looking not only to make the best music that I can, but I am looking to make the best statement on who I am". Influenced by the careers of Will Smith, Sean Combs, LL Cool J, Snoop Dog, Big Daddy Kane, RUN D. MC, or any “smooth cat that appealed to the ladies” he would say. CAYSON is taking his confident but versatile style into the studio to begin working on his debut Album release. CAYSON describes this newly created genre of Trip-Hop as something that will become toxic to its listeners and infecting the sound waves of all potential media. With his formula of combining catchy pop melodies, hip-hop beats and feel-good lyrics, CAYSON has emerged on the scenic as a popular artist. And after a lifetime of striving and a continuing fight to reach the top of the entertainment industry, CAYSON is now trying to enjoy the moment.

CAYSON's hot new single "Patron in My Hand"

"Everything's good right now, I am just taking a deep breath, preparing myself for the next step" he says. "It's really paying off because now my song is on the radio and spinning in the clubs. It took me a while to finally get it, but when I got it, I felt that this is finally my time, and I'm very proud of how my character is representing me as an artist thus far."


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