Rico King - All Around Talent Making A Name For Himself

Rico King is a man of many talents; Model, Actor, Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Producer, and Hip Hop Dancer. Former lead vocalist of Capuchino Swang and vocalist of Koda, he was born and raised in the Kentuckiana, and now resides in Jersey City, NJ. He has opened for 50 Cent, Nappy Roots, and Too Short. Rico was a smi finalist in the WB's Missy Elliot Road to Stardom, and his music is featured on the soundtrack of the indie-horror hit "Camp Daze."

Aside from his music career Rico has also done some modeling. Walking in New York Fashion week he explains, "It was a great experience. You can feel the electricity throughout the city during this time. Participating in the shows goes quick and its absolute chaos backstage." To him fashion is a way of expressing nonverbally, and making a statement without actually speaking. It's a big part of his life, especially when he's dressing for a particular role. "Fashion makes my character more believable."

Though Rico has many talents, right now he is focusing on his acting career. He has been on shows for VH1, MTV, OWN, NBC, and TVONE. One of his favorite roles that he has played is "Angel" from Bobby Ashleys film "Positive."

In a "Sitdown With Smuggz" interview in the Mile High Lights, Rico answered questions about when he left home to pursue his dream, and his ultimate goal.

Q: When you left home to pursue your dream, is this what you envisioned?

A: lol...no. I knew I wanted to perform on stage, but I always connected it with music. I didn't know I would also be modeling and acting. If you use me as an example of God blessing a person with what they ask for, It's definitely safe to say I've been abundantly blessed.

Q: What would it take to reach your ultimate goal in this industry?

A: A culmination of hard work, discipline, ambition, and faith driven by a purpose to reach that goal.

Follow Rico King on Facebook, and see more of his videos on Youtube.

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