Ready Never Are Ready Now - With First Album Eleutherophobia

Clinton Karcher & Benny Ed


Eleutherophobia isn't a word (technically it means fear of freedom) used often in our vernacular, it sounds made up, but I don't think that matters when the band who adopted it for an album title—recently opened for Lenny Kravitz and Sting. Doesn't seem that important now, when you consider that. 

The band in question is Ready Never and Eleutherophobia is the name of their very first full-length CD. The duo consists of Benny Ed and drummer Clinton Karcher, neither of which are by any means harmful on the eyes. With their co-conspirator composer Rudi Meibergen, sharing writing and producing credits. Together they are spearheading a new sound, they like to call EDM Rock.



What does EDM Rock consist of? Performances that meld catchy indie electro-pop songs with DJ, house and dub-step interludes; all combined together with rock n' roll—live. But how? By utilizing drums and bass guitar, EDM sounds, with DJ equipment to trigger sequences within the show. And this is how good it sounds. Initially, Ready Never was a virtual music project, but the viral response online encouraged them to start a live band. Prior to that Ed had been touring extensively with Grammy award winning singer Beto Cuevas, as his bass player and musical director. He used his film background to make several light hearted music videos for Ready Never, including Take that Pill (see video here). Which he describes as "a satirical take on our modern A.D.D obsessed, pill-popping society; and it's love for pharmaceuticals, technology as a religion and multi-tasking."

Ah, good times.

Is it me or does that pill look like Hitler?



Ready Never’s live shows take on two forms Ready Never Livefeaturing Ed on vocals/bass guitar and Karcher on drums—and Ready Never Remix, DJ-based sets featuring Ed and Sean Mahaffey.


Quite the tongue there young man


For a new band that crowd is packed!

"We wanted to write songs and make electronic dance music," says Ed. "But we wanted to be able to perform the music, not just play it back; which is what makes our live sound quite different from our studio sound."Music that you can dance to, play and sing. Now there's an idea! 

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 Recent Live Broadcast:


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