Peter Beckett

Few singer songwriters can say that they have made a living doing what they were born to do all their life. Peter Beckett is one of the talented few who has done just that. Born in Liverpool, England, Beckett started playing music in some of the same spots that The Beatles hit during their rise to fame. A self taught musician, Peter Beckett has mastered the guitar, drums, bass and keyboards. His voice is known for the number one hit he garnered in 1978 with his band "Player" that he also wrote with his bandmate, JC Crowley called, "Baby Come Back."


Baby Come Back has stood the test of time and has been in various movies, television shows and commercials and has even been sampled in songs that other artists have done. Peter has also written hit songs for other artists like, Olivia Newton-John, The Temptations and Kenny Rogers. He has also penned a few songs for hit movies such as, "Major League," "Terminator" and "Frankie and Johnny."


Most of songs that his band Player has recoreded were also written by Beckett and after Player split up in the early 80s, he joined "The Little River Band" for nine years while his bandmate from Player, Ronn Moss went on to become Ridge Forrester on "The Bold And The Beautiful." A renewed interest in Player emerged between Beckett and Moss and they released the album, "Electric Shadow" in the mid nineties and in 2013 "Too Many Reasons."


A new Player has formed with Jawn Star on keyboards and vocals and Rob Math on lead guitar that has made fans excited to see Player tour again, especially since Moss has left "The Bold and The Beautiful." Player will now tour Australia and New Zealand in November and December of 2014 with plans to do more recording together.


Peter Beckett has also formed a country group called, "The Limey Cowboys" with a song he wrote called, "Baby Don't Come Back" and continues to write music for Player who have just released their second single, "Man on Fire" along with a new music video. I'm sure Peter Beckett fans will be thrilled that he's back touring and from the looks of it, this "Man on Fire" is here to stay!


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