"Paul Cruz: Latin Actor (A Mockuseries)," Redefining TV with an Innovative New Comedy

(Hollywood, CA) - Actor turned writer, producer, director, Paul Cruz, to accept award in New York for his innovative new loosely scripted improv comedy docuseries television pilot, "Paul Cruz: Latin Actor, (A Mockuseries)." 

The show which just screened at the 2012 IFQ Film Festival at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood last April where it was a big winner is hot of its heels for its award wins in 2011 as well for “Best in Television” at the New York ITN Distribution Film, TV, and New Media Festival, as well as a big TV winner at the Beverly Hills Film, TV & New Media Festival and is creating quite a buzz in Hollywood for both its humor and originality.

The comedy series which has won an award in every festival it has been in is loosely based on the actual crazy but true life adventures of Latin actor Paul Cruz and his continuing struggles trying to fit into the stereotypical roles Hollywood has to offer. While there are numerous reality shows and docuseries, "Paul Cruz: Latin Actor" steps forward as a "Mockuseries".

Cruz the actor explains, "I had tested for leads in series over the years for a few major networks and was just so frustrated with my career that I decided to take matters into my own hands. I wanted to create something of my own that I knew I could play, something new, different, edgy, and politically incorrect, that explored the harsh reality of life in Hollywood as a struggling Latin actor without taking itself too seriously.”

“The title is completely ironic because he is a very modern, “White Washed,” Latin who doesn't even speak Spanish! So it is not a show that strictly caters to a Latin audience but is one that anyone struggling with a dream can relate to and everyone has a dream."

 The pilot, also stars Academy Award Nominee and Golden Globe Winner for Best Actress Sally Kirkland, veteran comedian Max Alexander, and Academy Award, Emmy Award, Peabody Award Winning Director/Producer and Steven Spielberg protégé’ James Moll, in a brilliantly comedic guest star role.

"One day I was thinking about my career and how I was being continuously typecast as something I was not. I wasn't the model Latin lover and I wasn't the hard urban gang banger. I was the Latin guy next door and there just aren't roles for the Latin guy next door. So I decided to just mock myself, Cruz said."

The “Mockuseries” is shot with hand-held cameras in reality show/documentary style in order to create a sense of realism. "There are reality shows and there are docuseries but what better subject to write about than yourself. It’s a new and different hybrid of a series".

In the series Paul Cruz deals with many things such as his highly dysfunctional family, his gay manic-depressive landlord, his sex and drug addicted agent, an alcoholic, slightly senile talent manager, really bad dates, as well as many other larger than life Hollywood characters.

“This show is completely one hundred percent out of control. Its Curb Your Enthusiasm meets Seinfeld. My character is the Latin Charlie Brown, literally! Nothing ever goes right for him and the comedic conflict is so high, he can't even get arrested in Hollywood, but he actually does get arrested in an episode for doing character development on a gang banger role for a big Oliver Stone movie audition while hanging out with his cousin’s drug dealer. It's a very, very different look inside everyone’s favorite city, Hollywood. One you definitely haven't seen before, Cruz said. This is the complete opposite of Entourage and I would love to find a network for it.”

IMDB Link: www.IMDB.com/title/tt1226840/  Website Link: www.PaulCruzLatinActorAmockuseries.com

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