Party Krashers - Enter King Green and CMFH

In a time when you can’t help but notice how life has been affected because of a down shift in the economy, we find ourselves searching harder for something to laugh and smile about.

Although only a small percentage of Americans were not impacted financially by this national crisis, the larger percentage that was, continues to spend in effort to entertain themselves. In short, where there’s entertainment, there’s a party and where there’s a party, there’s a crasher!

Enter King Green and CMFH collectively known as Party Krashers. Born and raised in Chicago, these certified sound engineers met while attending the The Los Angeles Film and Recording School. Upon meeting, both artists were members of separate groups but would often record together for kicks.

CMFH was a member of a short lived Rock band called Hollyfield but decided to pursue musical endeavors outside of his band. King Green on the other hand, continues his role as front man to an Alternative/Rap collective called The Court.

The music that the duo create as a collective is completely opposite of the music they create or in CMFH’s case created with their outside unit. Unlike The Court or Hollyfield, Party Krashers are a couple of guys that simply want to get the party started. After spending a couple of years in the LA sun securing their sound engineering degree, the duo decided to take up residence on the West coast in order to pursue their dreams in the place where dreams come true.  

Interview with Carolina de Athey of Red Carpet Concierge (Chicago)

The Party Krashers are represented by Honest Management ( but can be reached via their individual Twitter accounts:






Social Sites!/KingGreen87!/Cody_Hahn

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