Olya Milova - Model, Actress, Producer and Director


Inspired by the 50 films of Alfred Hitchcock, and actress Grace Kelly, Ukrainian native Olya Milova fashioned herself into a model, an actress and finally producer and director. 

Olya had her first acting gig at the age of 14 on the stage of her school, and after numerous modeling and acting gigs followed, she developed a passion for entertainment industry.

A comedy and romance film lover since childhood, Olya eagerly watched every film available in same genre. It positively affected her soul with joy and happiness, and now her goal is to inspire and uplift people through laugh, dance, beauty, adventure and love by making her own “feel good” movies. “I want to leave you enriched and feeling better”, says Olya.

Ms. Milova is a multitalented filmmaker, and romantic comedies is not her only forte’. In 2010, Olya directed a short film that won 2011 Special Jury Remi Award at Houston Film Festival in a fantasy/horror category. She mastered a work of framing shots to maximize feelings and emotions of the characters, and innovative editing techniques producing  unexpected endings with a twist.    


At the Houston Film Festival, Olya met a talented writer, Marianna Di Lorenzo, who won a Gold Remi Award for her script “Out of Italy”. Olya fell in love with this uplifting romantic comedy, and now in a process of raising and securing funds, and setting up her goals to direct this picture.


“I feel so passionate for the film and the world I live in. My hope is to carry inspiration to others”, says Olya.


Currently Olya Milova resides in Los Angeles, CA. 

For more info, please visit: www.olyamilova.com



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