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Natasha Wanigatunga tells us her story.

I am a Sri Lankan actress/model, I was born and raised in the beautiful Anchorage, Alaska. It is kind of funny because Sri Lanka and Alaska are on both sides of the world with completely different climates and cultures. My parents are from Sri Lanka and then they moved to Alaska, where they had my brother and me. Growing up in Alaska has made me love and appreciate the beauty of nature. I would always go on hikes, walks, or watch the sunset during my free time. No matter what I did, I was always surrounded by nature. Now that I don’t live in Alaska, I always take time to admire the mountains, flowers, and trees I am surrounded with because they are the simplest yet most beautiful things to me. No matter where I go, I take time to stop and see beauty in my surroundings.


Natasha Wanigatunga

I have always had a dream of sending a message to the world about how faith, positivity, and inner beauty are important characteristics to have and not lose. They are important characteristics in my life and they bring out the best in myself; they encourage me to live happily. Wherever I am, I choose to incorporate my faith, positivity, and inner beauty into each day.

Natasha Wanigatunga

My mom has influenced me to pursue modeling, as she was Miss Sri Lanka 1988. Growing up I would always see her beautiful pictures of when she modeled and we would talk about all the different ways we could pose and walk. Ever since I was young, we would experiment with different poses and walks, I found so much joy in doing that with her. When I was 12, my mom and I went on a trip to Sri Lanka to model sari’s together with the photographer she worked with. As we were modeling the saris together, I felt so comfortable and myself, I had never been happier. I will always remember that experience because that is when I truly fell in love with modeling.


Natasha Wanigatunga

I admire my brother most; we have always been very close growing up. We would have the best times going to church together. He has taught me to be my own person and to always have faith in myself. I believe it is so important to always carry faith because it is having confidence in yourself and in the decisions you make. I believe faith has to do with trusting your own desires, which is a beautiful thing. I believe if you can see yourself somewhere that may seem impossible, as long as you have faith in yourself, you can make all your desires a reality.


Natasha Wanigatunga

I am very passionate about living a healthy organic lifestyle. Food and activity has a great role on how I feel about myself each day. I love taking time out of my day just to love myself: that could be going on a morning run, or yoga, or simply just a good rest. I also love to cook as well; I find it so refreshing to make my own meals and put together my own recipes. It is important to take time to be independent and focus on myself because it challenges me to be more productive and get the most out of each day.


Natasha Wanigatunga

I love encouraging others to live a positive lifestyle. Each day I try to take every chance to become a better version of myself and to share happiness with one another. I believe it is important to love and appreciate each day and to always be open for learning because each day is a blessing and given to us for a beautiful reason.


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