Natasha Blasick - Aliens Have Her Headshot

Ukrainian born actress Natasha Blasick. star of indie films including The Black Russian, Death Of Evil and mockbuster Paranoid Activity 2 is preparing for a trip to her home country as special guest of the 16th annual Berdyansk International Film Festival to coincide with the screening of her latest film Notes From The New World.

Currently based in Santa Monica, California, Blasick is excited to act as unofficial Hollywood ambassador to Ukraine and vice versa. Says Blasick “Growing up in Odessa, Ukraine I didn’t even have acting on my wish list; it was just too fantastical of a dream. But I’ve learned that anything is possible. I want to share my experiences and lessons with people from both places. And it’s a special treat that Notes, directed by Vitaly Sumin, is based on classic Russian literature by  Dostoevsky”. 

Another recent adventure was traveling to India to shoot the movie The Black Russian. Filming took place in a remote area near the city of Shimla in the foothills of the Himalayas. Natasha played the title role of a high class Russian prostitute trapped in a dangerous balancing act between competing forces. Her character, Francesca,  must ultimately take a stand for what she really believes. The action drama is set amidst the drug trade between India and Pakistan. The Black Russian is co-directed by Amar Sidhu and Carlos Valle with Sidhu doing double duty as leading man.

Natasha was recently endorsed by Daisy Rock Guitars for her bass guitar playing. A relative newcomer to music, Natasha was hooked on playing live by the immediacy of the connection between audience and performer. She is a founding member of the rock duo Snowflakes. “Playing music is so joyful.,” says Natasha. “Unlike acting you can look right into the faces of the audience. I didn’t know I would love it so much. It’s an amazing  counter-balance for acting”. The video for their song “What Does Your Heart Say” features an animé Natasha. The real Natasha adds, “the only thing the video didn’t capture is how cute my Butterfly bass is.” 

At the age of 14 Natasha, along with her father, Sergei, encountered, a UFO. “It came up to us less than a meter away,” says Natasha. “I’m pretty sure we’re not alone in the universe.”  Although Natasha believes aliens are nice, she played, Laleeth, a very mean alien in the upcoming film Nomad: The Beginning.

Natasha co-produced several projects including the feature films Vampiro and Death Of Evil. “My first love is acting,” says Blasick.  “But my real love is people. My dream is to win the Oscar. I always say that. But I think even more importantly I want to inspire. I want to help make the world a better place in some way. Some days it seems like I can’t do much, but then I remember that I can always do something no matter how small.”


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