Model/actress/Producer Lily Lisa follows in footsteps of models like Giselle, Brooke Shields, Milla Jovovich and other beautiful faces who turned from modeling to acting.

Lily Lisa, may be a new face in Hollywood’s legendary acting and film scene, but she is fast covering ground as a model, actress and determined producer.


Model/Actress/Producer Lily Lisa

Who said models can’t make it as actresses in Hollywood? One minute talking to Lily; a beautiful and intelligent woman who hails from Hong Kong, and you realize this woman truly has the determination, good looks and sound mind to make it in one of the most competitive industries in the world.. Now Lily Lisa joins a list of models who turned their good looks into careers in acting by showing that the modeling industry was not enough for these beauties so they decided to take up acting. Milla Jovovich, Gissele Bundchen, Sasha Pivovarova all created careers after modeling and Lily is unafraid to take her career in modeling into new roads of the arts.

Lily who was teamed up on the producing team for the feature film “Bug Out”  where she will debut in acting role as a police officer chasing down a renegade US Marine hero, is not scared of taking chances in her career. Keeping her busy schedule we caught-up with Lily when she  was spotted in Las Vegas at the “International Lingerie” show. Lily was stunning audiences with her exotic look. Nonetheless a day later when she returned to Beverly Hills, our photographers caught-up with her doing publicity photos for Lily’s new role in the feature film “Bug Out”, going into production in May 2013.

Models who turned to acting: Gemma Ward

Models who turned to acting Gisele Bunchen -model turned Actress.

In addition, Lisa was in Las Vegas again to model for an iconic brand. Our  photographer’s captured stunning images of her ‘keeping busy’. Aside from her modeling in the US, she manages to stay busy as an executive that aims to lead expansion into Asian markets with Fashion Live Channel, new movie projects, and bridging the popularity of films produced with teams created from American and Asian producers. “Lilly represents the ultimate triple threat in Hollywood, a beautiful face, talented and a real bright business woman” stated Billboard winning/American Music Award nominee Andrew Lane (“High School Musical 3, MTV Making The Band, Hanna Montana). Lilly started working  with Andrew recently on the film “Bug Out” and joins an award winning production team. Subsequently, she is a driven woman achieving the American dream.



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