Miranda Medina - Striving for Triumph


A simple camera, too many it is just an object used to record memories or used as a hobby, but for Miranda Medina it’d be the gate way leading her to an undiscovered passion…acting.  


Miranda Medina


Receiving a camera as a gift from her grandmother at 10 years-old, Miranda jumped on the opportunity to direct and star in her own home movies. Of course, not Oscar worthy material, but this would ultimately lead to being struck with the “Acting Itch”, she also says it represents who she is – goofy and carefree.

Born and raised in Camarillo, a small town just north of Los Angeles, Miranda always had a natural ability to make people laugh. With her spontaneity, humor and infectious positive attitude, she always kept the spirits of her house hold up during the tough times they were faced with when her parents divorced.


Miranda Medina


Aside from Miranda’s natural talents in front of the camera, she is also gifted musically. Having taught herself how to play the piano, inspired to perform for her mother, she also learned to play the guitar.  

Following her love for the arts Miranda proceeded to enroll in drama classes at her local high school to enhance her acting abilities. At age 17 she shocked her family when she was able to find herself acting classes and also a job to pay for them. Talk about a responsible teenager!


Miranda Medina


Working at a pizza place she never complained about the hard labor she endured at her job because the smiles and joy she was able to put on people’s faces made up for it. Her drive to prove to people that this was her destiny and not a pass time was all the motivation she needed.

Although she’s petite, standing at 5’2’’, she never let her height stop her from achieving her goals, proving she’s a force not to be reckoned with. She knew that by having the dedication and drive for acting, one day she would be admired for being a good role model by perhaps a younger version of herself.      


Miranda Medina


In the summer of 2013, Miranda began acting professionally and had an effective outcome. Though Miranda doesn’t live in Los Angeles, yet, she was very committed in attending meetings, auditions, and projects 2-3 times a week. Thus resulting in booking 8 diverse projects, landing them all by herself!


Miranda Medina


She is currently taking a yearlong Meisner class under the direction of Marcus Flanagan, a professional who personally studied with the legendary Meisner. Miranda is also taking numerous classes focusing on Commercial Acting, TV/Film, and also Improv. Although she isn’t signed with a management agency she is looking for representation. Miranda proves to truly be a remarkable person with an enormous talent.  


Miranda Medina


Follow this young actor’s path to triumph on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and also her official Website

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