Michael G. Welch - Part of the Australian Invasion

Michael G. Welch isn’t a household name to most TV watchers. But given his recent work, it won’t be long for the young Australian actor to find his niche in the small screen.

In the past year, Welch has appeared in a number of television shows such as "NCIS Los Angeles," "The Bold and the Beautiful," "1,000 Ways to Die," and many others, including the film "The Old Man's Gold," and more. As a talented young actor, Welch is much in demand, but it wasn't always that way.

As a student in his native Australia, Welch studied acting in high school after realizing his ability to create realistic and compelling characters at a young age. His play acting as a boy soon became a passion for Michael who upon graduation, took his craft to higher level as he continued his acting at Deakin University’s Rusden campus in Melbourne where he ultimately earned a bachelor's degree in acting and dancing.

Although he’d ultimately begin acting in Australian television, the work was few and far between and Michael knew he'd have to come to Hollywood if he was going to have a successful acting career.

"Having seen and admired actors like Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman and lots of others leave Australia and achieve so much in the states encouraged me to take a chance and come to Los Angeles and make a career for myself," he said.

Thanks to some friends, Michael was recommended to a talent agent after a long search that found him pounding the proverbial pavement for nearly a year looking for representation.

"I think he liked my look and the fact that I could act and sound like an American," he said of his new agent.

"It took me a while to sound American, so it's not easy if you're from Australia. You have to work at it because there's a certain look and attitude that Americans have that when you look at them you know they're American."

With many Australian actors like Alex O'Loughlin of "Hawaii Five-0," Simon Baker of "The Mentalist," Tim Minchin of "Californication," and other Aussies in lead roles of their respective series American television series, Welch feels it's a matter of time before he lands a role as a regular in a TV series.

Among Welch's other talents are singing, playing guitar and stand up comedy. But he's not had a chance to show these on television so far.

"When you're playing a dramatic role, it's hard for people to see you as funny or playing music. But I’m sure at some point someone will ask me to do that and it’s going to be great fun."

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