Mia Hope - It Looks Like Nothing Will Stop This Young Woman From Succeeding


Marta Zolynska, AKA Mia Hope is beautiful talented a Jewish girl from Poland who has recently come to Hollywood. Born in what was still Communist Poland, Mia Hope could paint before she could walk.

She began to pursue her dream career as a painter as soon as it was available to her. Mia was accepted to the National Painting School in Poland. She was determined to realize her dream. However, in 2005 right after graduating high school she moved to Monaco and then to Athens Greece. She was obliged to go back to Poland two years later and studied at The Academy of Hotel Management of Catering Industry while working as a model and continuing painting passion. Her photo was seen online by Hollywood Producer, Talent Manager and Starmaker Bo Szumilas, who brought her to Hollywood, offered her role in his movie "Violent Blue" and become her Impresario.

She was bitten by the acting bug, and as she never does anything half way, she immediately began training and working on Hollywood sets. Mia shot more than 10 feature films in her first year in Hollywood and became a very popular actress in Hollywood, loved by the Hollywood press. Having gained success in East Europe, Greece, Monaco and France Mia has found success in Hollywood.

Mia says “I wanted to do something to give back” so she fights for disabled children who have been excluded from the film industry with her project "Give back a smile to disabled children" Mia is very motivated , determined , disciplined, creative with the ability to learn quickly and think outside-of-the-box.

She is honest, sincere, creative, athletic, passionate, reliable, very outgoing and very open minded person. She has a great sense of humor is very optimistic and enjoys having a great time. Mia is a hardworking, smart lady that is really focused on enjoying life and being happy. She was raised to appreciate the finer things in life. She is classy, chic, very good looking, enthusiastic and very elegant person. Mia loves travel and discovering new places all over the world. She definitely enjoys good food & wine, art, music and diverse cultures, clean oceans and unspoiled natural beauty.

Mia loves to be spoiled. Following her life’s formula: Sic Itur Ad Astra! “thus you shall go to the stars," she is taking on next challenges to become Star in South America and Bollywood. There, she partnered with known film directors to produce and act in action movies in Bollywood and Mexico. Therefore she will be traveling the next two years between Hollywood, Bollywood, Johannesburg and Mexico City. It looks like nothing will stop this young woman from succeeding.

Visit her IMDB here http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3548848/bio

Mia has an opening credit and is playing the lead role at follow up of Classic Emmanuelle series  Emmanuelle's- Sexy Bites see: Emmanuelle in Wonderland  at  www.imdb.com/name/nm3548848 running on HBO produced by legendary French producer Alaion Siratzky and directed by the director of the last Pamela Anderson hit "Blonde and Blonder" Rolfe Kanefsky.

Mia is the only actress in history of Emmanuelle series which Siratzky approuved personally  to participate without being completely naked.She will be playing different leads roles in all 7 episodic of this new  HBO miniserie tirled "EMMANUELLE THROUGH TIME"

You can keep track of Mia through her manager and publicist Bo Szumilas twitter at: www.imdb.com/name/nm2851731/twitter   for updates of  shows date and times, photos and set clips. 

She will be seen also in the  new Piranha 3DD


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