Melissa McGrath - Confident in the Probability of the Gamble

Las Vegas native, Melissa McGrath (born February 3, 1993), is a multi-talented actress who began paving the path of her future in the early stages of her life.  Stumbling upon a unique opportunity for training, she auditioned for and began attending the Las Vegas Academy of Performing and Visual Arts at age fourteen.  Melissa studied theatre for four years and appeared in the following productions in both lead and supporting roles: Antigone, Southern Hospitality, The Wiz, Hairspray, Cats, Sweeney Todd and Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Melissa also appeared in an independent film called Unintended.  Melissa, driven by her sacred respect for the craft, packed up her things and galloped to Los Angeles to blossom in greater opportunities. 


Melissa McGrath, a multi-talented actress based in Los Angeles

Melissa is inspired by the acting styles of Edward Norton, Charlize Theron, and Wynona Rider because she believes their acting approaches to be intrinsically honest.  Though Melissa is often pegged for a comedic actress, she has a wholesome respect for the uncanny ability to reflect the dramatic aspects of existence.  Interested in the psychological and sociological behaviors of humanity, Melissa has used acting as a creative tool in exposing human nature in a clear and definable format and has used story-lines to pinpoint common intentions and motivations.  Melissa also sees acting as a mental playground for her imagination and an opportunity to expose relatable highlights of the state of human interaction to common viewers. 


Melissa aims to achieve more popularity and seriousness in the business.  Fame, to her, is insignificant other than its ability to give one a voice in the collective community.   Melissa feels that gaining popularity will enable her to unravel a new set of ideas to bring a more stable and peaceful existence to whomever she can.  She hopes to utilize her raw fearlessness to break the walls of discomfort in others and to construct a platform where people can practice their innate free nature.  Still relatively fresh to Los Angeles, Melissa is harnessing the reigns of her journey and guiding her exploratory chariot of motivation to a place that she has envisioned for years.  She notes that her adventure thus far has been magically ineffable. Melissa continues to persevere, eager for the unpredictability of the game and confident in the probability of the gamble.  

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