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Mark Roscoe - Changing the World One Gown at a Time.

By Gabriela Mungarro

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Making a statement without uttering a word is almost counterculture in today’s social media advertising and activist world. Yet fashion designer Mark Roscoe uses this as his personal statement in his entire collection of Haute Couture, one-of-a-kind creations. With more than 30 years of active involvement in the fashion industry, Mark Roscoe has evolved into a premier designer from one of the least likely career transitions, beginning with his business career as an accomplished trial lawyer.

Mark Roscoe. Photo by Chuck Fedalizo.


While most people are aware that Roscoe’s fashions began from designing a line of neckties, his true beginning took place in his home, designing exclusive garments for his mother. People with extraordinary taste saw the talent in him and began making requests for him to design clothing for them. It is at this point that he decided to open a business and maximize the use of his talents.

Throughout the years, Roscoe’s talent has been recognized by more than a few notable clients, such as Michael Keaton (Batman), Michael Shannon (Man of Steal), Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon), and Bai Ling (The Crow). His collections have been prominently seen at red carpet events such as the Academy Awards and Grammy Awards. In 2013, his exclusive couture line has been featured at Style Chicago’s Art of Fashion, while in June his collection was featured at the Pacific Southwest Emmy Awards.


John Hennigan wearing Mark Roscoe. Photo by Chuck Fedalizo.

In an interview with Krysten Beck of the Beach Coast online lifestyle magazine, Roscoe revealed the simple secret to competing with the vast array of designer clothing that demands a signature statement. “When people ask how I became a fashion designer, I always tell the same story. During the time I spent as a runway model in college, I would see the clothing and think ‘hey, I can do this’ and I began designing by sketching a dress on a napkin for a friend in need.”

This is a simple answer, yet belies the uniqueness of his creativity and talent. Roscoe is colorblind and is only able to see blues and reds. What some people may view as a liability, he turned it into one of his greatest assets – the ability to design clothing focusing on the fabric. This style creates the elegance and unique designs that fit the fabric to the woman it is designed for. Transcending the common visual appeal of clothing, Mark Roscoe makes wearing clothing a unique and unforgettable experience.

Bai Ling wearing Mark Roscoe gown. Photo by Chuck Fedalizo.

Detail is the operative word in describing any of Mark Roscoe’s works of art. This is how he describes his vision in design, and never repeats the use of a fabric or design. This guarantees that the women wearing Roscoe’s masterpieces will be in a once in a life time garment. What is even more amazing is that each design is fashioned to conform to the woman’s personality, making it a distinct personal expression inside and out.

Along with his success as a fashion designer, there is a history of devotion to special social causes. His compassion for children with Down Syndrome has him committing his time as a member of the board of directors for 'Chasing Dreams,' a non-profit organization.

Mark Roscoe. Photo by Chuck Fedalizo.

From home fashion designer, to model, to world renowned designer extraordinaire, Mark Roscoe continues to beautify the world with his one-of-a-kind creations and commitment to excellence and perfection.

Mark Roscoe will be featured at Fashion Week in Paris this spring and the world will most definitely be watching.
















Published on Jan 15, 2014

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