Marilinda Rivera - Artist/Actress/Model CreatingThrough Her Passions

Marilinda Rivera

Marilinda Rivera Natural raw artist born in Dominican Republic raised in Puerto Rico now based in Los Angeles.

Marilinda Rivera

Actress/model always attracted to create through her passions. Before living in Los Angeles resides in New York while as a model marks her territory with her victory of reality show Project Runway Season 3.

Marilinda Rivera

Marilinda Rivera

Marilinda Rivera

Marilinda Rivera

After Project Runway's victory many doors opened up for Marilinda. Working with several high fashion designers like Galliano, Roberto Cavalli and many others including campaigns for Old Navy, Target, Nexus and many others.

Marilinda Rivera

Marilinda Rivera

Marilinda Rivera

Marilinda Rivera - Silver Mannequin

Her dark side is the dominant in her art becoming alive in such beautiful way that keeps her in alert of her unconsciousness reminding her life’s roller coaster possibilities. Her work is inspired by self experiences in life; from running from love to open to life. She sculpts with used founded materials, like styrofoam and founded metals like nails representing POWER and a NEW POSSIBILITY. 

Marilinda’s latest exciting project is her inclusion as one of only 10 local artists invited to take part in Westfield Century City philanthropic holiday program, ‘The Reindeer Project,’ a first-of-its-kind holiday art collection of 12 oversized acrylic reindeer designed by prominent L.A. artists for an auction benefiting Inner-City Arts. It is a way for Marilinda to use her art to give back to the community, especially giving back to the children, a very important mission in her life

Marilinda Rivera - NEON THOUGHTS

Her dramatic experiences allows her to breakthrough all obstacles through art. Creates a raw influential path with music and fashion.

Marilinda Rivera - Joy

The highlight of her work: 50% commissions go to her mission in Amboseli Africa, to give the Maasai Village she visited last year an arts&crafts school to support the village. Her vision for the world is becoming a reality because of her passion for art by organizing art group shows and musical events to promote and fundraise her mission. A humanitarian was born after her travels, specially this one: AFRICA, The Mother Land. Intrigued enough she begins to collaborate with other artists and musicians like Mujer X, Juan Sanchez Diaz, Don Gator and The Toledo Show.

Marilinda Rivera - Kala

Find more of Marilinda Rivera at  & InYourShoes, her latest fashion projects. Currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.







He’s Mine, Not Yours                                           Featured                                   Tri Destined Films

Baseball’s Last Hero                                             Lead                                         Eternal Grace

Hear Me                                                               Lead                                         LucentRain

Pastor Jones                                                         Supporting                               Nu-Lite

Perfect Combination                                             Supporting                               Tri Destined Films

9                                                                          Supporting                               Beale Street Films

Don Diablo                                                           Lead                                         Free Bird

Cashmere Mafia                                                    Day Player                                ABC

Lipstick Jungle                                                     Featured                                   NBC

Project Runway, Season #3                                    Winning Model                        Bravo



Fanta                                                                   Isabela                                 Sony Music Entertainment



The Girl on the Via Flaminia                                     Lisa                                     Larry Moss Studio



Larry Moss Studio                                                Technique                           Michelle Danner

                                                                            Improvisation                      Jeff Richards

                                                                             Scene Study                         Tim Craig

                                                                             Speech and Voice                 Tim Craig


Ivana Chubbuck Studio                                         Scene Breakdown                 Ivana Chubbuck




Dancing (Latin, Salsa, Merengue, Samba, Hip-Hop), Singing, Tennis, Volleyball


Art Website: 




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