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Up and coming Actress Mara Rydell

By Donna Spangler

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mara Rydell

Have you always wanted to be an actress? People usually ask me why I chose acting as a career. I can reassure you that I did not choose acting, it chose me. Since I can remember, I was always acting around the house while playing with my brothers and sister as a child. I would be the terrifying neighbor of a popular TV show or Wonder Woman trying to save everyone else from trouble.

What interests you most about the buisness? I found the whole concept to be fascinating! Just the idea of being someone else for a while and then safely coming back to my own self whenever I wanted to was amazing. I was able to see the world from a different perspective in a very safe way. I guess most kids fantasize about being someone else as part of the growing process, but for me it didn’t stop in childhood. It became a passion over time. As a teenager, I found myself writing letters to popular TV actors asking for sponsorships and for a chance to perform. Of course I never received a reply but, who would?

At what age did your acting career begin? I started investing in my acting career while in Brazil when I was a very naive 22 year old. My mother found one of my letters and decided to sign me up for a one year free acting course that was very hard to get into. I had a very successful audition and that led me to try out for another, even harder role to get, spot at the UFBA (Federal University of Bahia State) the following year. That was my biggest acting break at the time as it generated 2 major production plays which ran in theaters for 2 years each.

What have some of your favorite acting roles been? I had several lead roles and enjoyed being different characters from a homeless person to a house wife. Even a singer and Cabaret dancer. The applause at the end of each night, made me forget about the exhaustion of rehearsing every day for months and the fact that we got no pay. I was happy and to me, that was enough. I would constantly talk about it, look forward to it and even dream about it at night. It was clear to me that I had a passion and I had to keep acting. My most recent project is Beverly Hills Christmas with Dean Cain 

Dean Cain

I play Lucelle who is a suporting character and is sort of a commedy relief. Beverly Hills Christmas will be presented later this year.

What other careers have you tried? Unfortunately, I had to switch careers for a while as I had to pay my bills. I was offered a chance to audition as a back up vocalist for a nationally renowned band in Brazil. I got the job and worked with the “Marcia Freire Band” for over three years touring extensively across Brazil and even performing in Mexico and Portugal. During that time I got married and eventually moved to the United States with my husband in 1999. Once in the US, I realized that I had a huge disadvantage in terms of acting. Since English was not my first language, it made everything 100 times more difficult. It’s very hard to get roles because of my Brazilian accent, but I still think I can do it. I enjoy a good challenge.

What motivates you in this business? Having so many people who I dearly love believing in me, motivates me even more. I want to make them proud and I will keep trying until I find a reason to stop.

What are some of your acting goals? Realistically speaking, I don’t think I am too far from my goals in the industry. I am a confident person and I am just waiting for that one break to happen. Recently I had the opportunity to act in my first TV movie “Beverly Hills Christmas” directed by Brian Skiba that will air by the end of 2015. I could hardly believe that I was working with such experienced actors such as Dean Cain and John Savage, among other wonderful professional people in my first movie. I learned a lot during the process and loved every second of it. It was an incredible experience and I met wonderful people and made good friends. I am looking forward to seeing the final results.

What advice would you give others that are just getting into the industry? Someone once told me that I am wasting my time because I am, "one in a billion", who share the same dreams of making it as an actor. This comment motivated me even more and I would share that with anyone. I told her that she was right: I am “ONE” in a billion and one of a kind and there are a lot of people out there looking for me!



Published on May 01, 2015

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