Liviana - Soul-Pop Singer, Author and Artist Avant-Garde

Liviana (a.k.a. Katharina L. Harer) – Soul-Pop Singer avant-garde

Gentle, perceptive soul-pop music with an avant-garde twist is what describes Liviana’s sound best. Katharina Livia Harer, who performs under the stage name ‘Liviana’, which means ‘soft’, and ‘gentle’, and is also the name of a certain type of nocturnal moth, has been singing live on stage since February 2013. She has been playing shows at venues such as the Viper Room, the House of Blues, the Whiskey A-Go-Go in Hollywood, as well as various other venues in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Liviana (a.k.a. Katharina Livia Harer)

She writes, and composes music on her Martin guitar, on which she accompanies her experimental, quite original, and melodic voice and lyrics. Her inspiration comes from her deep desire to move the world to a more fulfilling place, where everyone is in tune with who they really are, and love the currency of abundance. Her first album ‘Speak Up!’ has been released in August 2013 as digital CD, and she is currently appearing on radio shows, such as At A Glance Talk Radio with Rodney Bardin, Long Beach City College Radio, and Indie 100 Radio, Mickey's Maximum Exposure.

We will be hearing much more from this wonderfully original artist, who is currently working on her next album, which will be released in 2014. She is also looking for the right representation, as well as a label that will appreciate her as the artist she is. Her recent appearance on the radio show At A Glance Talk Radio has attracted the attention of thousands of listeners around the world, sending in over 700 emails to the station after her live performance on the show. Katharina Livia Harer aka Liviana will be featured on popular music blogs, such as Thumosaic Brainworks with an indepth article about her.

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Katharina Livia Harer is also a twice published author of two science-fiction, fantasy novels: ‘Galactica’, and ‘Remembrances of the Future’, which are both part of an adventure trilogy. She is currently concluding the series with part three ‘Project Earth’, and has received offers to publish the entire series as a complete book under the name ‘Galactica – A Galactic Journey’. Both German and American publishers are interested in the subject, which comes as no surprise, because her narratives are an absolute page turner. You can read excerpts on her blog on her website, where you can also order part one and two of the series. Her books have also been featured on national television on channels like National Geographic, and received great reviews from readers all around the world. She illustrates her books with her own art.

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You can find more of her artwork, if you follow this versatile multi-talent, who is an expressive artist on her website. She draws faces, loves to experiment with colors, the human shape, and art-deco with a hint of modernism. Katharina Livia Harer, a.k.a. Liviana has been drawing all her life, and also comes from a long line of German artists. Some of her ancestors have been famous artists in North Germany, and both her parents are artists.

Any gallery would be truly enhanced by the beauty and expression of her drawings and paintings. If you are a gallery owner, agent, or work in the art field, you can contact her to talk about exposing her art.

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Art by Katharina Livia Harer aka Liviana

Katharina Livia Harer has also appeared in a few indie film productions, ‘Fason Nou’, ‘Dead Drop’, and ‘Helen Keller had a Pitbull’, and is looking forward to do more acting on screen, as well as signing with an agent. She has been acting in high school, and theater plays, and loves to connect with a character, which means exploring, and finding herself in that other person again. She says it is a bit like falling in love with your-self in another, and then becoming that other person. That’s what acting is all about for her. She will appear on the new TV Show 'Dream Napers' coming soon!

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Liviana (a.k.a. Katharina Livia Harer)

Last but not least, Katharina Livia Harer also works as a translator and interpeter in the legal, and entertainment area. If you have a project for translation, feel free to contact her.

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