Lisbeth Norton - TV Hostess, Actress, Producer, Journalist, Model

Lisbeth Norton, also known as “Lis”, was born in Panama city, Panama. She is of Hispanic and Caucasian decent. Lisbeth moved to the United States at the age of five to Fort Campbell, KY. With her Hispanic culture being vital to her mother, it was instilled in her at an early age. Lisbeth is bilingual and loves to learn new languages.  

Lisbeth Norton

Lisbeth the daughter of a soldier she was raised in a military town full of different ethnicities and cultures, so keeping an open mind was not a challenge. An entertainer by nature, at a young age she was charming others by singing, dancing, and mimicking everything. She began modeling at age fifteen. Very quickly she started winning awards and beauty competitions. She then merged into acting at seventeen by starring in music videos, local commercials, and plays.


At age nineteen, Lisbeth decided to move to Nashville, TN to accept a job as a modeling and acting instructor at John Casablancas Career Center where she previously attended lessons herself. At twenty-one years old, Lisbeth landed her first magazine cover (Enchanted Brides). Discovering that television was her true passion, she went on to study Broadcast Journalism and minor in Film at Middle Tennessee State University. While attending college, she interned for the CBS affiliate WTVF Channel Five Nashville news station where Oprah Winfrey also got her start. Ironically one her professors was also legendary anchor Chris Clark, who gave Oprah her job.


Shortly after graduating she began producing and hosting her own web series called "Wanderlust", a travel show focusing on pristine destinations untapped by mainstream tourism. Lisbeth decided there was no better place to start than her home country of Panama. The idea came to her after she had seen a few shows and articles misinterpreting Panama. She wanted to set the record straight that Panama was a warm and friendly country. With no budget and hardly any equipment she took off for Panama.


She decided to focus the first season of “Wanderlust” on the Azuero Peninsula of Panama, where the majority of her family is from. “I have to say that I am pleased with the outcome of our project. This was filmed in two weeks with no crew. It was literally a two-man band. My goal is for others to see and know by the end of the series the true Panama. The food, people, and culture. If I have done that, then I have succeeded,” Norton says. After the taping of “Wanderlust” Lisbeth felt she needed to broaden her horizons, so she moved to New York City to focus on acting.


After a year in New York and following the advice of a few actors she met moved to Los Angeles in 2013. Lisbeth says that her mother is who she admires most in life, “because she has overcome so much to achieve everything she has ever dreamed of”, Norton says. “She has always supported me no matter what in anything I’ve wanted to do. I’m very blessed. I hope to be one of the top actresses of my generation, and to one day have my own successful production company.” Anywhere Lisbeth goes she never forgets where she comes from. “My parents always instilled in me to always remain humble and smile”, Norton says.


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