Liisa Evastina - Finland Actress Born to Entertain

Liisa Evastina is a Finland born actress, who first came to Hollywood over 12 years ago.  Since then she tells us, “A lot has happened since and most of all I have grown to understand myself as an entertainer better. I have learned to respect both my strengths and weaknesses and to see that all of my attributes can be entertaining when allowed to be so. The greatest lesson I have learned is, that I am exactly like I am supposed to be and I don’t need to be anyone or anything else than what I already am.”

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Learning and growing to be the best she can be is very important to her. “Today I am an actress, who has seen ups and downs and learned that there are magical moments and triumphs in both times. I have also learned that I can be creative also in between the days on the set. I write and produce as well.  Someone might think I wear many hats, but to me they are all very much connected and my life makes more sense now than ever before.”


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Liisa is sure that she was born to entertain, and can’t remember a time when she didn’t love it. “Goofing around, telling stories, whatever made people around me enjoy their lives more: even just for that moment. The biggest choice to commit to my dream happened in one random (what is random, really?) evening I met an Australian actor in Hungary, Budapest. At the time I was studying International Business and European Politics and really had suppressed my desires to be an actress and head to Hollywood. This man spotted right away that I was not where I truly wanted to be and engaged me to conversation about my dreams. And there I went and opened my heart to this stranger, who felt like he knew me better than anyone I had ever spoken with. Our conversation lasted less than a couple of hours and he continued his travels.”


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After her conversation with the stranger, Liisa truly started her journey. “He did also leave a poem for me that I still have – to remind me that my happiness and wellbeing is the greatest gift I can share with the world and that following my heart is the only way I can truly be free.  This really was a pivotal point in my life – like the Shepard in Paulo Coelho’s book The Alchemist.  We never know how much a simple inspiring talk with someone can help them to find the right path!”

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When asked who influenced her she couldn’t pick just one or two.  “So many people influenced and inspired me and since understanding the importance of choosing who to allow to influence myself.  Learning to trust my skills and gifts and learning to allow the positive influences to my life has been one of the best learning lessons I have personally learned.  Inspiration is everywhere if we are looking with the right mindset.”

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“I admire people who follow their dreams and inspire others to do so too. I admire kind, loving and honest people. I admire people who forgive and regroup quickly and enjoy the wonderful world we live in.  And people who respect others: even people who are absolutely different and think differently than themselves.” 

Liisa seeks “to find inspiring and entertaining stories to tell. I seek to produce and sell the comedic TV series that I have been developing for some time now. This series is lighthearted “fish out of water” -comedy that touches that taps into the adventures and misunderstandings of cross cultural dating and finding one’s own path in both love and purpose.  We also bring out matters that could use bit more awareness – in a playful way.  My TV and Film Development company has many more TV series concepts and Movies in development, and we are looking to develop entertainment for decades to come.”

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“Over all I find it important to bring out social awareness through feel good entertainment. Representing my nation and the causes I feel the most connected to, such as environmental awareness and harmony amongst people and nature.”

“I hope to succeed with the goals I have set and plan to enjoy the journey one moment at a time.  Hopefully we all shall enjoy the ride!”  

Check out her youtube channel, follow her on Twitter, join her on Facebook, or learn more about Liisa here.


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