Lexi DiBenedetto - Blossoming Actress

Several years ago, various media outlets from the Wilmington Star News to KIDZINK Magazine in North Carolina featured a 7 year old little girl living in North Carolina who was already an acomplished actress. Recognizing her extrodinary skill and commitment, her parents helped Lexi follow her dreams by moving their family to Los Angeles, California when she was 11 years old. Today, that young girl, Lexi DiBenedetto, is 14 and has a blossoming career in acting. Lexi has acted in many television shows and movies, including "Criminal Minds, "Grey’s Anatomy", "Fall Down Dead" and more. She is an extraordinarily talented actress with great versatility. Lexi has an exceptional gift; she pulls viewers into the story with her depth of character and soulful eyes, she captures the heart, and makes you believe.

Lexi is best known for her starring role in the short movie, "Love is All You Need?" for which Lexi received Special Recognition for Best Actress Performance at the 2012 Sonoma International Film Festival. This movie has now received over 2.5 million hits on YouTube, is receiving international attention and being used as an educational piece to stop bullying around the world. In this movie, produced by WingSpan Pictures, the world does not allow for heterosexual relationships. When it is discovered that young Ashley (played by Lexi DiBenedetto at 11 years old) has a crush on a boy in her school, she is tormented. The movie relays an incredibly powerful statement against bullying, bigotry and oppression. (This movie is emotionally engaging and contains violence.) The film can be viewed at on Lexi's YouTube page.

Lexi with her two moms in the movie "Love Is All You Need?" left to right Carrie Lazar, Lexi DiBenedetto, and Sheri Levy

Along side her passion for acting, Lexi understands the importance of giving back and is always seeking opportunities to help bring attention to causes which help the most vulnerable. She has a personal mission to help animals who have been abused and abandoned. As an accomplished horseback rider and owner of two dogs, Lexi desires that all animals be treated with love and kindness. As a young girl in North Carolina, she was an active member of 4-H, working with animals. Today, she is supporting the Humane Society and hopes to also become more involved in equine rescue shelters.

"I love bringing characters to life for others and experiencing new things through the eyes of someone else. I couldn’t imagine doing anything but acting. You always have a choice to follow your dreams. Some aspirations pose greater obstacles than others, some are much more difficult to obtain, but great things can happen out of ‘impossible’ dreams," Lexi DiBenedetto.

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