Lauren Michell - Model from Maryland

Name: Lauren Michell
Location: Maryland
Zodiak Sign: Pisces
Favorite Color(s): black
Fun Fact: I still sleep with my baby blanket

Lauren Michell

Q: When did you know you wanted to be a model; who inspired/motivated you along the way?

A: It was never a lifelong dream. I was living in Reno Nevada several years ago and an agent approached me and asked if I was interested. I did one shoot and fell in love.

Q: Since you recently had a baby; how have things changed in your life?

A: I was already a mother so not a lot changed except the amount of love I now have for 2 other human beings

Q: Did you enjoy your pregnancy, or could you not wait for it to be over with?

A: I loved it because I was fortunate to not have many symptoms and I embraced my body and loved every minute!

Lauren Michell

Q: What kind of training are you doing to ensure you keep that model figure?

A:Just walking at the moment.....I have another 2 weeks before I can use the treadmill again but honestly I really don't have much weight to lose at all

Q: Does having children change the style of work you model for?

A: I am no longer doing nude work.

Q: If you did/do a controversial photo how would you explain that to your children when they get older?

A: I am an adult and because of that I am able to make my own decisions. I am proud and confidant of my work and it has never been kept a secret

Lauren Michell

Q: If one of your kids wanted to model, what would you do? What if they wanted to do nude?

A: Yes, I would support them modeling. I will always support them if they were doing what they really wanted, I just hope they choose to do things for the right reasons.

Q: What's a PLaDz night for you? Where you Party Like a dorKstar (have a good time)

A: Good friends, great wine, even better music

Q: Explain the best part(s) of doing the paint/airbrush modeling?

A: My pregnancy shoot was the first time I've done that so the new experience was really cool and opened a new door for me

Lauren Michell

Q: Is there a photographer that you would love to work with? If so, what kind of shoot would it be and where?

A: There are several I want to work with. At this point in my life anyone who is able to advance my career would be a plus to work with

Q: What can we expect from you in 2014?

A: More sexy and classy work of course!

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Lauren Michell

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