Krystel Fontaine - Making it happen in Las Vegas

I am 27 years old living in the Sin City capital of the world Las Vegas, NV. Now when you hear Las Vegas the phrase "healthy balanced lifestyle" doesn't really come to mind, but that is exactly what I am all about.

 I've really just fallen in love with living in balance with my mind, body, and soul. (Isn't that what everyone tries to accomplish?) As well as coaching and motivating others to do the same.  

Recently I've done some bikini competitions and have done roughly well within the 1 1/2 years that I've been into it. Taking just a little time off now competing to focus more on helping/coaching others to look and feel amazing starting from the inside out and falling more in love with life. 


For work I'm pretty much a jack of all traits I like to do different things to keep it interesting. I do fitness/health coaching, massage therapy, I build stages for the concerts and conventions that come into town (yes it is physical labor work) and I also do performance dancing, promo/convention/fitness modeling. 


You can also find me on social media.

Instagram- @krystelfontaine


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