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Kimberly Yatsko

When –

As far as I can remember I have always been interested in arts and crafts. My father and I used to go to our local craft store and pick up paint by numbers and ceramic figures, to doll houses that we made from scratch. My father was diagnosed with Lung Cancer when I was twelve and passed away two years later. The only thing that I found to help me cope with the loss was throwing myself into sketching, writing poetry and painting.

Kimberly Yatsko

A few years later I picked up my first camera and was amazed at the freedom I had to take the camera where ever I wanted to and photograph the world in the way in which I see it.


I grew up in Overland Park, Kansas where I attended college at the University of Missouri Kansas City. I was in a six year program where I would get my Bachelors in Accounting, an emphasis in Finance, and to start studying for my CPA. I was half way into the program and I was sitting in class one day, I started to realize that this was not the path for me and this was not what I wanted to do the rest of my life. So I shut my book, gathered my papers, stood up in the middle of the class and walked out. I then headed to the admissions office and dropped all of my classes. Was I scared? Absolutely yes. But was confident that I was making the right decision for myself? Completely.

Shortly thereafter I started brainstorming careers. I started questioning what I loved and what would I want to pursue a career in.  After writing down a couple handfuls of ideas and crossing out all but one, I chose photography. So that next semester I enrolled in foundation courses that would be needed for any art school and I dedicated my time to see if this is something I could pursue professionally.


After taking the foundation courses at UMKC and getting a lot of positive feedback , it gave me enough courage to start applying to art schools. Shortly thereafter I was accepted to a pro photo school in Santa Barbara, Brooks Institute. I made the move a couple months later. While attending Brooks, I learned a lot of important technical skills, but then I got an opportunity to work under a celebrity photographer, Matthew Mitchell. 


Working with Matthew Mitchell helped me by pushing me out of my comfort zone, and gave me an opportunity to work with real celebrities, real models, and real clients. It was a completely invaluable experience.

I then started work for fashion photographer, Ash Gupta. I have always had an interest in fashion but working for him skyrocketed my imagination, and since then I knew that fashion photography was the way to go. The way Ash shoots and the way he thinks is completely mesmerizing. Ashs imagination has no boundaries and that is something I will always keep with me.  


What –

There are many photographers that inspire me but two of the most influential photographers to me are Richard Avadon and Brian Duffy. I absolutely love their shapes, their use of negative space, and their ability to shoot the unpredictable.


Currently I have teamed up with photographer Alexander Fenyves and we shoot editorials, lookbooks and portraitures. We have been working together for the past six months and have found that because we have another pair of eyes while shooting, our images are that much stronger.


 Learn more at  Kimberly Yatsko website 

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