Kimberly Jo Howard - Following Her Dreams

Kimberly Jo Howard has always had a passion for performing. From a young age she participated in talent shows in her local area and took advantage of any opportunity she could find in her small Mid-West town of Lewistown, IL. She began singing at a young age and took vocal lessons beginning at the age of 8. "I wanted to be Britney Spears!! I loved being on stage and singing and dancing." Being on stage is where she truly felt alive as a young girl growing up in the middle of nowhere. During her sophomore year of high school she was offered the role of "Sandy" in her high school production of "Grease"!  That is when the passion for acting really took off. From there she began participating in her local community theater "The Playhouse" where she took on the roles of "Rapunzel" from ""Into the Woods" and "Robyn" from "Godspell". After high school she wasn't sure how to tackle her love of performing and her family was pressuring her to go to college. So as an undecided student she decided to pursue an Associate’s Degree of Arts focusing in Vocal Performance. 

After college she decided to explore real world experience with acting instead of earning a degree in it. She then moved to Chicago and began taking classes at Act One Studios to begin studying with teachers who had real world acting experience. While she was in Chicago she landed the lead female role in her first feature film which was a sy-fy drama called "Distortion". It was a very independent project that taught her a lot about the process of on location film making. After that she took part in a few Columbia University projects which included an intense dramatic short about a young man struggling with schizophrenia called "A Simple Life". Chicago was a wonderful experience for her and from there she received an opportunity to move to Portland, OR which has a wonderful indie film scene.

Portland was an entirely new scene and she began her journey by taking improv classes at The Curious Comedy Club, which taught her a lot about the discipline of acting and being your own unique self while acting. She also took a variety of scene work classes and was involved with a couple of independent projects as well. However, it was not paying the bills and opportunities seemed very infrequent. So an opportunity arose for her to relocate to Madison, WI to pursue a normal life and she decided to take a break from acting and try a different path. Little did she know a "different path" was not in the cards for her.  

While there she again found an amazing improv troup called "Monkey Business Comedy" which was a great community of actors to be involved with. This reawakened her passion for acting and dream of moving to LA. Through the improv troup she received an opportunity to have a small role as a waitress in a webseries for Hulu called "Battle Ground" which was filming in Madison, WI. Subsequently, the web series was filmed by a production team from LA. This project gave her the opportunity to speak with real working actors who told her that if her desire was truly to become an actor then she MUST move to LA!  With this in mind, she finally decided to follow her heart and make the move to LA.

Her move to LA proved to be the correct decision. Kimberly has been there almost two years and through independent films and background work she became SAG eligible and joined the union. She has had some amazing opportunities that she never thought would be possible, one being she was cast as a photo double for Ms. Hilary Swank. It was an amazing experience that she will never forget because it gave her a chance to watch an actress, whom she greatly admires, craft an amazing character and watch her work first hand. Any opportunity to be on set, big or small has been a learning experience that has helped her grow as an actor.

Currently she is taking things one step at a time and learning every day. She is constantly taking classes participating in workshops and meeting wonderful people. Her newest project, a webseries called "Heartbreak High:USA" will be coming out in the fall. There are other projects in the works and everyday more opportunities come her way. She is thankful for everything and everyone who comes into her life. LA has been an amazing journey and will continue to bring forth new opportunities that will help her grow into the actress she has always dreamed of becoming.

Check out IMDB for Kimberly Jo Howard, join her on Facebook, and check out Heartbreak High USA on Facebook!



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