Julia Limonchi - Dramatic Actress from Seville

Julia Limonchi’s real name is Julia Serrano Ortega, but she chose Limonchi as an artistic last name in honor of her grandmother.


She was born in Seville (Spain), December 2 and acts in theater, film and television. At age 9, Julia did her first play as an actress in an operetta called "La corte del faraón" and it was then, she realized that she loved plays and wanted to spend the rest of her life acting!




When Julia turned 18, she went to the Dramatic Arts School, in Seville. Simultaneously, in the afternoons, Julia studied Economics. After finishing both degrees at 22, she moved to Madrid to continue her budding career as an actress. When Julia lived in Madrid, she continued to study different acting methods with professional coaches such as; Eduardo Milewicz, Calparsolo Carla, Lorena Bayonas, Mario Bolanos or Juan Codina and others. While in Madrid she honed her craft as an actress and model on TV shows, movies, commercials and theater. Next Julia followed her career to London, and finally to Los Angeles, where she currently lives.


Very interested in fitness; Julia has skills in many different martial arts including; a Black belt and title of professor in Karate, a blue belt in Takondo, a green belt in on full-contact and kick boxing, and even in boxing. Overall she is quite athletic; participating in swimming, fencing, acrobatics, skating, equestrian sports, canoeing ... etc. Besides Julia’s many sports activities, she studies; music, dance, ballet, flamenco and other artistic disciplines.


Julia grew up in a large wonderful family! The daughter of Dr. Manuel Serrano and Julia Ortega, an entrepreneur in the health industry. Julia has a brother, Manuel and a sister Carmen as well as many relatives she is close to.



Julia's website http://www.julialimonchi.com/

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