John Hennigan - Wrestling, Writing and Acting

John Hennigan, or better known as John Morrison or Johnny Nitro, is an actor, writer, and producer. He won MTV’s Tough Enough contest in 2002 and emerged as a popular wrestler for the WWE until he retired to pursue a career as an actor and producer.

Prior to becoming a professional wrestler, Hennigan attended the University of California at Davis as a film and geology major. From there, he would relentlessly pursue his dream of becoming an actor, beginning with smaller roles and guest appearances on TV and later moving on to feature films. In addition to being a successful actor, he has also demonstrated his versatility in writing and producing with several upcoming projects. And, if what he has accomplished in the industry so far is any indication, Hennigan’s acting and directing career looks extremely bright.

John Hennigan wearing a Mark Roscoe suit. Photo by Chuck Fedalizo.

Aside from his exceptional acting abilities Hennigan is an expert in the holistic training discipline known as Parkour, and also is the creator of Out of Your Mind Fitness. Parkour devotees use their bodies and surroundings to overcome obstacles in the environment and propel themselves forward. It consists of running, jumping, tumbling and any other movements that a given situation may require.

John Hennigan wearing a Mark Roscoe suit. Photo by Chuck Fedalizo.

The thorough training regimen Hennigan adopted to keep him in shape for his WWE matches inspired him to come up with his Out of Your Mind workout routine. Created by John and his personal trainer, Jeff Carrier, the Out of Your Mind workout is a comprehensive and revolutionary training program that primarily focuses on forcing the body to do what it was created to do − Move! There is no doubt that the discipline he mastered practicing the art of Parkour has also greatly influenced the body-weight and balance exercises perfected in the Out of Your Mind workout videos.

John Hennigan with Bai Ling both wearing Mark Roscoe. Photo by Chuck Fedalizo.

Hennigan received a nomination at the AOF Festival in 2013 for his work in the film, The Darkness Descending. Although he has added a long list of credits to his filmology, he is not quite done yet. Look for John in these films scheduled for a 2014 debut: Boone the Bounty Hunter, Dangerous Games, Minutes to Midnight, and The Chronicles of Rick Roll.



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