Jessica Rose - Glamour Model From New Mexico

Jessica Rose is a 25 year old published glamour model, from Albuquerque, New Mexico. With only just over a years experience; her fan base is growing quickly! In this shoot time she has been published in multiple magazines and even has a front cover. Her dynamic personality and unique look sets her apart and this is only the beginning!

Photo Credit Jennifer Lynne

How long have you been modeling & how does modeling allow you to express your self?

"I have been modeling for a few years now. I enjoy modeling because it allows for me to become something different each time! I love how you can create different themes and styles! I don’t want to be like everyone else! I love high fashion and styles and themes you don’t see everyday. I’m not afraid to try ideas that are a bit out of the box. That to me is what makes me stand apart from others!"

Being that your newer to the industry, have you learned anything along the way?

"For sure! I have learned that modeling isn’t as easy as it looks; actually it's very hard work. Most people assume models just stand around and take pretty pictures all day. Unfortunately that’s not the case! There's so much more that goes into a shoot; hair, makeup, lighting, set, etc. Also it is an extremely competitive industry!"

Photo Credit Jennifer Lynne

With such a competitive industry what keeps you motivated?

"Lots of things motivate me! My family, my son, also I must thank my friends and my fans who also motivate me. When people say I can't do something or I’m not good enough, well that motivates me also. Succeeding and proving them wrong is the best revenge!"

Where would a dream shoot be for you? (Photographer & location)

"Wow… there’s so many… can't choose just one! First I would love to shoot with/for Vogue and Beach Bunny Swimwear! I adore the work of Patrick Demarchelier, Mario Testino, and many more! Now, as far as location, I would love to shoot in Africa, Australia, Sanctuary- Belize, Hong Kong, Australia, really anywhere really! I love to travel!"

Have you been contacted by modeling agencies?

"I have had a few smaller agencies contact me, but unless it’s a large very well known agency I think I’m fine handling my own business at this time!"

Are there any new publications in the works?

"Of course! There are a few publications and shows I will be in very soon that I'm very excited about! Can’t give much info, but just be on the lookout! :)"

Photo Credit TrueBeauty Photography

Are you single; you know all the guys want to know?

"Sorry guys but I'm currently off the market."

Go to facebook to connect with Jessica Rose, or follow her on Instagram, and Twitter!

Photo Credit TrueBeauty Photography



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