Jesse Woodrow - Charming Sweetheart or Villian?


Is actor Jesse Woodrow a charming good guy or is he a villainous abusing husband?  This versatile actor can , apparently, play either with ease.  


Jesse Woodrow: versatile actor

Having come from a small town in Washington, Jesse was immersed in the world of movies by his mother who hung posters of Harrison Ford and other stars all over her walls.  As with most successful actors, Jesse had been a class clown and one who loved the attention and the light.  "I used to do Michael Jackson impressions and dancing for birthday parties  and I loved the immediate feedback.  There was nothing else I really wanted to do."  A lover of tales, at the age of 9, he borrowed his dad's video camera and using his Star Wars action figures, wrote and produced his own mini movie. 


Jesse Woodrow: Skyy Vodka

An athletic kid, he began playing basketball and baseball and was soon wooed over by the college teams,  turning his sights to pro sports, but "when I realized that everyone else on the college team was as good as I was,  I knew that pro sports was not the arena for me." 


Despite that, he chose an area where there is even more competition - acting.   Having left college early, he became, for a  while, a surf bum, allowing himself the luxury of not having daily work outs, but when a young girl told him that he ought to go into acting or modeling, he recalled the passion of his youth and decided to go all out and pursue it.   And go after it, he did. 


While luck of place and time always plays a part in these things, so does enormous talent.  Mali Finn, a well known casting director, saw the potential in the young Jesse and cast him in his first role, giving him  his SAG card.  His first movie, Best Laid Plans was with Reese Witherspoon.  "She was great to work with.  Unfortunately, I was in the deleted scenes of the movie.  Nevertheless, I knew that this was what I wanted to do for a living." 


"Mali helped me a lot and gave me several roles." One of his most well known print jobs was for Skyy Vodka.   The worldwide picture earned him not only notoriety and numerous jobs but a contact from Ben Stiller who wanted to make a movie focused about the actor and the ad.  This became Zoolander. 


Jesse Woodrow as Glen on Charmed, Aaron Spelling Productions

One of his most well known and most loved roles was the part of Glenn, Paige's boyfriend, on the series Charmed.  "Aaron Spelling took to me and liked a pilot that I had done for him.  Even though that series (Deep) never went anywhere, he was always wanting me to work for him.  Finally, they wrote me a role on Charmed."  He played the part for two years and developed quite a fan base from it.  "It was a fantastic experience."


I've done a lot of movies - not all did well and not all came out, but I loved The Hillz with Paris Hilton.  She is one of the sweetest people.  She kept on urging people to hire me for movies she was already involved in. 


Jesse Woodrow: The Unborn - evil Eddie, Pupperazzi Producitons

Jesse loves playing challenging roles.  "If I had the choice of playing a good guy now, and a villain, I would probably chose the later because it's a stretch for my acting."  Even though it was a short, he was thrilled to be asked to play the role of Eddie, the abusive husband, in The Unborn.  Now getting worldwide distribution through Shorts International, The Unborn will (hopefully) be made into a feature, (An Unseen Witness) which Jesse will be again be asked to play the misogynist husband.


"I do a lot of studying for my craft these days.  I'm constantly improving my craft.  I prepare days in advance even for auditions. For instance, for the role of Eddie in The Unborn, I wore a dirty shirt and drank Jack Daniels.  I listened to the music he would have used and mussed my hair as I tried to find the right action that this character would take.  I wanted to walk into the room and be that guy.  If I am playing a mechanic, I will not only drive by the place, I might go in and talk to some of the men to get a good feel for the part. "


Besides studying for parts, Jesse loves to work out and does a lot of reading.  I love epic tales like Gladiator and autobiographies.  If I can find out how someone made it against all odds - someone like Walt Disney - then I am learning. 


A very talented young man, we expect to see Jesse in many more movies and television shows. 


Jesse's current management company is Driving Force Entertainment (Steve Owens and Kimberly Strauss) and they can be reached at 213 265 2618 or [email protected].  He also has a fan page on face book and loves to go on twitter (@jessewoodrow.) 



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