Jen Faith Brown - "Only a Girl"

Jen Faith Brown is new to Hollywood and is an accomplished actress with a variety of credits. But her heart remains in the theater. She is today preparing a fall tour with her play “Only a Girl,” based upon the life of Irene Gut Opdyke, a Polish nurse who at age 17, hid Polish Jews in a Nazi officer's cellar during World War II.

Based on personal interviews she had with Irene, the New York native wrote her play “Only a Girl” with actor/writer David Mulholland which told of Irene’s courage and commitment through narrative memories, film images and original music and songs by noted composer Danny Whitman.

Jen Faith Brown

“Only a Girl” is a moving, live theatrical experience that takes the audience on a journey back to Irene's idyllic childhood in pre-war Poland, to her days with the Polish Resistance and her extreme efforts to save lives at the risk of her own life.

Unfortunately, just a week after the interviews, Irene passed away. She had spent the last 20 years of her life visiting schools and organizations to stand witness to the reality and horrors of the Holocaust.

“Only a Girl” is produced through Jen's non-profit Lightkeeper Productions which aims to provide an educational experience to audiences through live performances.

Jen Faith Brown

“My dream has always been to bring something special to people through performing arts, whether it’s a live performance, a movie, a short film or a television show that has something important to say,” Brown said.

“The play ‘Only a Girl’ is an inspirational true story that happened to a young girl many years ago, but it still resounds today with audiences and with children who would be inspired by the Irene’s courage.”

Brown is known for her work on television in such shows as “Law and Order,” “All My Children” and many others. She is also an accomplished singer and recording artist as well as stage actress featured on Broadway. Her work has included “The Glass Menagerie,” "Phantom,” “Man of La Mancha,” and many others.

Jen Faith Brown

Just recently, Brown sang in the chorus of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Opera’s presentation of the award-winning “Madame Butterfly” in Los Angeles. Her voice was also heard recently as she played the role of Rose in the Gilbert & Sullivan’s acclaimed “Ruddigore” at the Sierra Madre Playhouse.

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