Jane Santos Interview


Born and raised in the Dominican Republic , the multi-talented Jane Santos has been seen on screens working as actress and Television presenter.  She received a ''CASANDRA'' nomination for BEST ACTRESS for her starring role in the film “ Santiclo”.  Jane has since moved to Hollywood to further pursue her acting career.  She studied for a year at The Lee Strasberg Theatre And Film Institute.  From there Jane has co-starred opposite Michael Madsen in the upcoming drama “Refuge From The Storm”.   Her most recent work was in a Bill Duke  action/horror short film entitled “Xelerate”.  The project, produced by Sony Pictures, will be used in training a wide range of industry professionals at the Sony 3D Tech Center . 

Shooting with Mr. Bill Duke

Everything that I have been through along with things that I see happening in this world have given me the ability to put all of my emotions, passion, and everything that I have into any role I’m playing. 

With DP Bruce Logan while shooting ''Refuge From The Storm"

Since I was a little girl i was drawn to arts and I’ve always dreamed of being in front of the camera, but honestly I would say that my family has always influence.  They supported my decision to leave my family, my country, and my career in order to pursue my acting career in America .   I share the same story as many talented actors in that I had to basically start over from scratch in order to fulfill my lifelong dream.   I’m passionate about acting because my family has always been tremendously influential in my success.  

WIth Director Elias Acosta while shooting ''Refuge From The Storm''

WHO YOU ADMIRE?                  
 If I could turn back time, I would love to meet ''MARIA MONTEZ'', the first Dominican Actress in Hollywood hired by a studio back in the 40's.  She was called ''The Queen of Technicolor'' and she starred films such as, '' Arabian  Nights", "Cobra Woman",  "Ali Baba and The Forty Thieves'.. Every time I watch her films I see the faces of all the people with goals like me.  I admire her!

Backstage with Michael Madsen

Three things: One, I want my family to be proud of me.  Two, I want my country to be proud to see that one of their own pursued a their dream and achieved it.  And finally, I hope one day
someone would tell me... ''Jane you inspire me ''! 

Shooting on set with Michael Madsen


Jane Santos shooting ''Refuge From The Storm''


Jane Santos photoshoot


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