James Ganiere - From Business to Entertainment

James Ganiere, a once successful businessman dealing with banking, financing, construction and real estate has now turned to his other talents of being involved within the entertainment world as he is the host of the new series Back from the Dead and Reel Hollywood, both of which are airing on the Interfusion TV network.

Having attended USC film school and graduated, James would have to put aside his passion for film and entertainment to provide his fast growing family with a stable income, but it wasn’t long until James felt the need to give his masked talents a call back.

James Ganiere

“I knew I would someday come back to the business of filmmaking and television, but I didn’t know when until just a few years ago,” said Ganiere. He soon formed a Los Angeles-based production company, Rio Vista Universal, and commenced developing the series Back from the Dead. The series features people who have had near death experiences after being declared dead.

“These are all true-life accounts based upon medical records, doctors, news reports and the individuals themselves as they tell us what happened when they died and how they came back to life,” stated James.

The inspiration for the series is solidly based on James’s childhood experience when his younger brother tragically died at age 2, leaving James to contemplate what happens to people after their death. He says, “It’s a question that many today are asking and through this show, we hope to raise the question, give insight and answers from some of those who have lived through near-death experiences.”

Aside from hosting the dramatic revivals of Back from the Dead, James is also the host of his show biz news program Reel Hollywood where he gets to sit down and interview the top names in the entertainment industry airing Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

James Ganiere

Currently working on a number of projects including television, for both on and off network outlets, motion pictures aimed at traditional and non-traditional audiences, which sound to be quite fitting for those of us with a taste for a different cup of tea.  

“It’s a well-crafted medical drama that raises the question of whether machines should keep chronically ill people alive or if they should be allowed to die in peace,” says James about new feature film The Shift which has a newly­-signed distribution deal with Shoreline Entertainment. The film stars Danny Glover and is produced by James, Leo Oliva and Melanie DiPietro.

Although James Ganiere is a wiz with business and entertainment he also does his part by giving back to society. He is the president and founder of See Me Learn, a non-profit organization providing comprehensive art and science classes for those less fortunate. Due to the wondrous efforts James has provided with See Me Learn, the organization has helped hundreds of children with classes that help them learn the beauty of drawing, cartooning, comic books, film making and science.  

Don’t forget to tune in and see James on Back from the Dead and Reel Hollywood on Interfusion TV.

Go to See Me Learn for more information.  

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