JaLynn Hardy - Screenwriter from Ohio

JaLynn Hardy

JaLynn Hardy was born in small- town Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio as the oldest of three siblings.  From an early age, JaLynn would create and tell story using her brothers and sisters to act them out, putting on shows in the home for the folks.   

Likes to create a story since early child-hood

Since there wasn’t much to do in Ohio, she’d watch her favorite action adventure movies like “Princess Bride” or her Dad’s James Bond collection repeatedly.  This lead to an overall desire to experience more adventure by living vicariously through these characters to escape a life that seemed droll and women were raised to seek more of a homemaker lifestyle.

In high school, she was into fashion, art and writing.   She idolized the idea of old Hollywood Glamour like her favorite actress, Audrey Hepburn, especially in “Breakfast at Tiffanys”. 

Idolized Audrey Hepburn

After taking off with a friend from Ohio to search for new life in Florida and Virginia, JaLynn returned to pursue a degree in Fashion Design at Kent State University.  She switched to Broadcast Journalism where she was introduced to the elements of a great story and how to write, shoot and edit her own video packages.

After doing an internship at Channel 27 First News on Fox in Youngstown, she decided that the subjects of crime and politics in small towns wasn’t what she wanted to do and moved to San Francisco to be surrounded by better weather and a more creative lifestyle.

Crime and politics wasn't what she wanted

In San Francisco, she took a screenwriting course at the San Francisco School of Digital Filmmaking.  There JaLynn used her desire to see women in action-adventure by creating roles for females to act in and often surprise us by their playful and engaging personalities.   Her teacher loved her work and encouraged her to move to Los Angeles to pursue work as a screenwriter. 

There, she furthered her education at UCLA by taking their one year Screenwriting course.  She entered one of the scripts from class into the Champion Screenplay Contest and was a Quarter Finalist

She has done professional re-writes for Experience Pictures, Ltd and is currently working with producers on development and projects.   You can learn more about JaLynn and her progress on Facebook.




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