Holli Starr - Founder of HMF Styling Co.

Born right outside of Boston, Holli Starr grew up as a performer. Always being on stage: Holli developed a skill of creating the emotions of her characters through hair, makeup and wardrobe. The constant atmosphere of hairspray and glitter expanded her interest in the world of beauty.

Holli began working with a photographer in 2006 and started arranging concepts for photo shoots and putting these ideas into production with flawless outcomes. Wanting more out of her career she moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2009 and immediately began working on expanding her brand.

Not long after she began styling for red carpets, auditions, photo shoots and film... This is where she began to notice a serious lack of communication from hair stylists to makeup artists to wardrobe stylists.

Holli learned that each individual artist would have a separate opinion of what the final look should be, leaving little room for the client to have an opinion. She then founded her company "HMF Styling Co." HMF stands for hair-makeup-fashion: it's a team of stylists that style from head to toe.

Each stylist provide hair cutting, coloring and styling, makeup and wardrobe for their clients: and when your stylist is sick, you will never have to worry because HMF sends you another stylist with the formula and knowledge to ensure you are ready for your day!

Holli always wants her clients to feel and look their best! Beauty comes from within: a confident woman is a sexy woman! Holli currently also works privately at Assembly Salon in Beverly Hills, as well as at Salon Beatuy Bar in Sherman Oaks. Find out more about Holli here.

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