Hannah Rokes - Focuses on the Feminine Principle

Hannah Rokes grew up in Camden, Maine, and relocated to New York in 2002, where she attended Pratt Institute and went on to receive a BFA in photography in 2006. She got her start in fashion photography as well as, various events, but her work has grown and expanded, specializing in creative and artist photography where she focuses on the feminine principle. Her current project Goddesses "Crowning of the Heart” not only deals with the strength of the feminine but also the language of the heart.



Her signature head pieces hand-crafted crowns in her portraits of her own design represent the crowning of the heart. One of her inspirations is water. "I want redefine what strength is, it does not come from violence and aggression but from softness. Softness is seen as feminine, and therefore weak, but it is not! It's much like water, water is so soft and yielding that is cannot be scarred or broken, it can assume any shape and by pass any obstacle because of this feminine quality. My passion is to express to people through my work what real strength is and yes, what feminine strength is, and to remember the language of the heart. Ms. Rokes uses a very hands-on approach blending professionalism with her creative instincts, to bring out the best in her project.



Although Ms. Rokes specializes in fashion and creative portraits, she also brings her creative elements to many other types of shoots, ranging from weddings, model portfolios, head shots, celebrities, and various events and shows.



People who inspire her are people who are not afraid to be themselves and who are not afraid to speak the truth. Some public figures who have inspired her are Princess Diana, Helen Keller and many more including an ICP Infinity Award Winner Ruth Gruber who she got to meet personally.

ICP Infinity Award Winner Ruth Gruber with Hannah


Ms. Rokes hopes to be a voice and example of how to live life from the heart. She is in the process of working on a gallery show and a book that deals with not only the heart but also the feminine principle.



Having an inborn passionate and creative nature going into the art world just seemed to fit. "I actually feel photography actually chose me instead of the other way around, and it can be a powerful tool for communication of ideas, not just images. Plus people always tell me I should be in front of the camera instead of behind it but I have too much to say and share .. lol so being a photographer has been my creative tool to communicate."



Some things you might be surprised to know about Ms. Rokes is she might look like a runway model but she is only 5'2, and don't let the height and size fool you because growing up she was an awesome basketball player, where she was known for her ball handling skills and shooting. "I played basketball since 4th grade all the way through high school, I still play today but now it's just for fun. Growing up I went to many basketball camps and was on various travel teams as well, I guess you could say I went from shooting hoops, to shooting pictures"

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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hannah-Rokes-Photography/142699649116694

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