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Hadasa The Dressy Chick - Artist, Creator, Fashionista

By Maria Densley

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Hadasa is The Dressy Chick.  She is an artist, and creator. “I wither like a flower if I do not create. I love making things with my hands but I cannot draw to save my life. I like to decorate and I love color. I see beauty and good in everything and everyone, and I am a professional at turning a negative into a positive. I have hope and I believe that the best is yet to come.”

She decided on the name, The Dressy Chick, “because my whole life no matter where I went I was always overdressed. I was always asked “where are you going so dressed up?” Here, I would say. I am no laid back beach bound California girl, which is ironic since I was born in Miami, a beach town and have lived in California since I was a toddler.”

She has been able to find others like her, wear what she wants, when she wants, through her blog. Her wish is that she “lived in a time where people got dressed to go out for the evening, to the movies or just to take a stroll. I hope to bring that back in a small way, even if it is just me and my fellow dressy chicks.”


“My blog focuses on my personal style & beauty, I like to work with different brands on producing looks and sharing products. I have background in modelling so I have been putting more thought and effort into bookings, ambassador opportunities, speaking and brand relationships. I would love to be the “Face” of a brand I truly believe in and love.”

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Published on Jun 21, 2013

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