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Daisy McCrackin - Enchanting Modern Folk Star Releases "God Willing" September 27th

By Lawrence Davis

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Daisy McCrackin


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California-based Daisy McCrackin shows her true colors and flawless talent on her first full-length album, God Willing. The haunting, melodic charm of each carefully crafted song is a strong showing of Daisy’s brand of “folk with a modern edge”, never tired, always enchanting.

Subtly tugging at heartstrings, God Willing explores the balance between elegant simplicity and artistic depth, with each song flowing magnificently within the album's mystical dark fairytale theme.

Through each note, over every melody, Daisy weaves a tale filled with honesty and haunting beauty. She presents a skillfully wrapped package of an album, yet one with substance.

Drawing comparisons to a range of legends such as Joni Mitchell, Suzanne Vega, Nancy Sinatra and Ricky Lee Jones, Daisy McCrackin is a true artist with a unique sound and original songs who appeals to audiences who appreciate folk music, female vocalists and fresh, modern music.

You can download (and post) an MP3 of God Willing’s first track, “I Think I’m A Ghost” here: http://download.themusebox.net/daisy_mccrackin/i_think_im_a_ghost.mp3

Grab more info, including an album stream, photos and a bio here: http://download.themusebox.net/daisy_mccrackin/







Published on Sep 26, 2011

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