Gia Bay Actress - Making Waves in LA


Gia Bay is an actress from Canada starting to make waves in LA. Gia has worked on TV shows such as The Mentalist, Chuck, Entourage and was first featured in Rush Hour 3 with Chris Tucker upon arriving to LA. Gia then was cast as the lead in Cage Free starring Dee Wallace (from Speilberg’s E.T. ), Masayuki Imai (Japanese actor from Tokyo Mafia, and Wing’s of God), as well as several other independent movies. We have recently found her slated on IMDB on a project called Sound of Mind, with Jeremy PIven, James Caviezel, rumored to star.

Gia Bay is a tall, beauty who isn’t just talent and looks. She is an active member in the Los Angeles community. I recently attended a gala which Hollywood has known since the 50’s as ‘Boomtown’. The charity organization, SHARE’s, annual fundraising event. Which has been attended and/or hosted over the years by Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr,, Rock Hudson, John Wayne, Natalie Wood, Rita Hayworth and Doris Day, just to name a few. This organization has been raising money to fund facilities that help children with physical and mental disabilities for 48 years in Los Angeles and have raised over $48M since then. We are looking forward to following the progress of this young talent in all her endeavors.


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