Get IT All Campaign Signs with VP Dennis Ashley of ICM Talent Agency

Since launching the first music single and Give Away during Super Bowl week that went National over night, The Get It All Campaign has recently joined forces with power house Vice President of ICM Dennis Ashley. The Get It All Campaign consists of super star talent Bret Lockett, Prince Syc and DeJuan Turrentine. The National success was launched on Extra with Maria Menounos and is sweeping the nation. The current building success of the "Get It All" music single has high powered executives and celebrities buzzing about their campaign everywhere. Bret Lockett, Prince Syc and DeJuan Turrentine are the fresh new faces of the music industry with a dynamic powerful positive voice and message above and beyond their campaign. These gentlemen encapsulate what is about to transcend and change the wave of this next musical generation. As the buzz keeps building and building, here are a few quotes from these power house individuals with their comments;


DeJuan Turrentine, Prince Syc, Dennis Ashley and Bret Lockett

"The Get It All Campaign has become the new way of breaking artist. With their savvy strategic marketing and creative musical artist, they are sure to be received as a major force in the entertainment world"

-Jeff Redd Discovered Mary J. Blige and Executive Produced KC & JoJo Multi Platinum Ablum "Love Always" 

Bret Lockett, Prince Syc, DeJuan Turrentine

 "I'm going to get this track "Get It All" Playin in the clubs....

-DJ Skribble


DeJuan Turrentine and Prince Syc

"I Love the track!" 

-Producer Jukebox Produced The Smash Hit For Willow "Whip My" Hair says about Get It All record  


"Man you taking it to a new level now! That's dope! "

-Dytwon Thomas at VIBE MAG/ Executive Editor


 "Electric and passionate music with a new age hip sound. Brings a very dance/hip hop vibe to the music scene, LOVE IT!"

- Carmella Bella  / 

Shade 45


 Radio show with 

Angela Yee 

" I f**k wit it Dope!!"

-MIKE LYNN CEO/ Big Ego Ent. Exsecutive A&R at Aftermath Records 

"I like this song.." 

-Laurent Besencon Manager of mega producer Red One 


"  Prince Syc's BOTH versions of Get It All are my favorite! The world isn't ready! "

 - Reagan Gomez/ Actress currently on the hit show The   Cleveland Show on FOX 


"An energetic way of expression but still got a smooth melody...Fresh! the type tune i would put on to smoke a fat J with a sea view lol"

Emmanuelle Emmany Bourlas / Promoter From St Martin  

"The Get It All Campaign transcends what it means to "Get It All" instead inspiring young people to “give it their all” with honorability and excellence"

- Tracey Finley, Television Producer who’s worked.

Ms. Finley brings years of experience to any project. In 2007, Ms. Finley was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in the “Outstanding Talk Show” category for The Tyra Banks Show she produced based around homelessness.

In her career, she has worked on highly rated reality shows including Survivor for CBS and The Bachelor for ABC. In her career, she has worked with the who’s who in Hollywood including the OWN Network and Ryan Seacrest Productions. 

-West cost legend and world famous producer and Dj  
"DJ Battlecat"



For interviews, comments or inquiries, please email[email protected]

Learn more at the Get It All Campaign Website


Get It All Bio

Get It All Biography

At a glance, the phrase “Get It All” may seem very cliché, but in actuality its meaning is very profound. For example, when working toward achieving a goal, you must put your all into that goal to bring it to fruition. So, “Get It All,” in its purest context, does not mean greed. It means at the end of the day if you start something you finish it! Simply put, when striving toward a goal you should apply this standard formula to make sure you “Get It All” … all the time

• Discipline

• No half stepping

• No excuses

• Perseverance

• Resolve/Resilience

• Standing against all odds

• Always striving for excellence

• Never giving power to negativity

• God, Family, Love and Happiness are always first


To “Get It All” you must give your all and believe that your dreams are more than words filled with passion. Dreams are your reality when you turn your thoughts and deepest desires into pointed, purposeful action. So, when you “Get It All” … Everything else will fall into place!

Brett Lockett

Bret Lockett is currently a NFL New England Patriot (defensive back), model, recording artist, entrepreneur and charity spokesperson for the “Youth of Tomorrow” organization. The world is watching his every step as he is currently at the very center of industry buzz as well as several weekly magazines. Mr. Lockett is not just “Getting It All”, he is doing it all and allowing nothing to hold him back from the next level of success. Looking at his current stature, it seems a bit farfetched that this high profile athlete was once a target for bullies at his California high school. Yet it’s true. He played football in that high school and reached for the stars through his hard work. Obviously overcoming the obstacles of being a teenager, Bret went on to higher education at UCLA. Though a graduate from UCLA, Bret Lockett was not drafted into the NFL, as many of his peers were. No, Bret’s current position in the NFL is absolutely his personal reward for discipline, determination and an acute resistance to the word “no.” This formula is what kicked open doors for him. To this very moment doors are still opening. Bret is a role model for stopping hate against individuals and rising above negativity in pursuit of dreams. He mentors youth and has been asked to be a part of multiple charities to include the NOH8 campaign. Currently, Bret is pursuing his natural passion for music on a professional level. His family has a very musical background. His uncle Vernon Green was lead vocalist for the old school r&b group, “Vernon and the Medallions.” So, a deep passion and respect for music is in Lockett’s blood. To add on to the natural talent, Bret has committed himself to the study of jazz and classical piano. With anticipation of his mix tape entitled “Inception” set to release this year via Lockett’s company Inception Entertainment, he has joined forces with Prince Syc and DeJuan Turrentine for their first single release “Get It All”. It would be easy to simply describe Bret as multi faceted. However, the most accurate term to sum up who Bret Lockett is would be “America’s best kept secret,” because we haven’t seen the half of what he is ready and able to do.

Prince Syc

Dewayne “Prince Syc” Turrentine should be a familiar face as he has been exposed to the world’s eyes as a successful international model.  Prince Syc’s modeling career started when he had the good fortune to meet Dick Scott, then the manager of the group “New Kids On The Block”. Scott encouraged Prince Syc to pursue a career in modeling. Since then, Prince Syc has graced the pages of Vogue, Elle, GQ, Details, Interview and the list goes on. He has also been involved with campaigns such as Versace, Tommy Hilfiger, and Ralph Lauren. But  Prince Syc’s story does not begin here. His journey started in the heart of Pasadena, California, where Prince Syc watched his mother struggle to make ends meet to provide for his siblings and himself. However, instead of becoming a product of his environment, he harnessed the negative energy of that environment and converted it to positive through his talents. Like his brother DeJuan, Prince Syc is a self taught multi-instrumentalist who plays the piano, drums, and the guitar. Prince Syc joined a rap group with Wade Robeson called “Quo”. Quo´s album was on MJJ/ Sony, and the duo was the first artists signed to Michael Jackson’s label. As a result of this awesome connection, Prince Syc is currently working on a book that shares his experience of working one on one with “The King of Pop”. Prince Syc was given an opportunity to act by Interscope´s co- founder Ted Field. Ted Field is also the chairman of “Radar Pictures”, which produced the feature film “Waste Deep”. Prince Syc made his acting debut in “Waste Deep”, which starred Tyrese. Ironically this was not the first meeting for the two stars, Syc and Tyrese. Both began their modeling careers on the Tommy Hilfiger campaign at the same time. Throughout his career, Prince Syc has recorded a vast array of songs with music super star R. Kelly. Syc wrote and produced all of the songs on his soon to be released mix tape, except for the collaborations with R. Kelly, which Kelly produced. Prince Syc produced the tracks to “Get It All”, the single and “Get It All Dance Remix”. Expect to hear more greatness from this super star who is out to conquer and “Get It All”.


Brett Lockett

From an early age, DeJuan Turrentine was exposed to music. From his uncle, Stanley Turrentine, who was a well known jazz musician, to his older brother, Dewayne “Prince Syc” Turrentine, being in the hip hop group “Quo”, there was a constant musical influence that caused DeJuan to know that music was the path he too would pursue. As a result of his passion, DeJuan is a self taught pianist and bass player, but his talent doesn’t stop there. Turrentine is also a prolific song writer and producer as well. DeJuan and his brother Syc started their own production company called Blaque Roze and DeJuan is set to release a mix tape this coming year entitled “No Pain, No Gain”. Being successfully tapped into many areas of the entertainment industry, DeJuan is also a part of boxing champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s “Money Team” and has his feet firmly planted in the acting world as well. He has been seen on the silver screen with leading roles in “Way Past Cool”, “A Good Man is Hard to Find” and “Down To The Last Minute”. Turrentine has also been a part of various television series such as “Love Inc” and the Emmy Award winning “Judging Amy”. Added on to this impressive chain of successes, are two national commercials that DeJuan appeared in for Sprite and Reebok. Some may view DeJuan as a jack of all trades and if that is so, he has definitely mastered them all. As the multi faceted DeJuan Turrentine continues toward his vision to “Get It All”, it is apparent that it’s time for him to be the mainstream artist he is called to be.





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