Fresh Face Aida King

Said Menezes, Editor Of !MERCI MAGAZINE Interviews Cover Model, AIDA KING
November 15, 2014

Model / Actress Aida King is making a name for herself and her management team is committed to building a brand in a short period of time. The Black, Brunette, and mostly Blonde haired, buxom & beautiful siren, Aida King, has been seen everywhere in just a short few months, since coming to Hollywood. The exotic siren dazzled at both the Day Time & Prime Time EMMYS, countless Movie Screenings and just recently walked the Red Carpet at STYLE FASHION WEEK in LA.
The sultry looking fresh face was recently interviewed by Lawrence Davis of SPLASH MAGAZINE at FASHION WEEK, see the article here and was recently signed by TMJ MODELS to walk runways and be the face of international advertising campaigns. She will also be showcased in the up coming HODGES COLLECTION LOOK BOOK. Aside from shooting with Mary Freitag of Michael Roud Photography, and shining at a FRESH FACES SHOOT for TMJ MODELS in Malibu, CA, Aida King has a very busy 2014 remaining and looks forward to the future in 2015. Let’s get to know Aida King, up close & personal.
MERCI: Aida thank you for sharing today. I read your bio, and I want to be PC here (politically correct) but when I found out you were of Filipino descent, I must admit…..I was quite surprised. I have a lot of friends who told me, in preparing for this interview, that you were probably mixed or not full Filipino. I think where this comes from are your exotic looks and those piercing big eyes… What do you say to that?

Said, I am a full Filipina. I was born in Toronto, Canada, but I am a product of two distinct regions in the Philippines. My mother is from the suburbs of Manila and my father hails from Cagayan De Oro in the southern part of the Philippines. Two distinct cultures & languages for sure. Not all Filipinos look alike, going with the political correct theme. Every Filipino is mixed whether they want to believe it or not. We have Malay, indigenous, Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian blood and probably more that I don’t even know. There are many different languages there and not everybody is homogenous, say like Japan or Korea. We are all mixed that’s what a Full Filipina really is……I am proud of who and what I am, as should everyone. As far as my eyes go….lol…..I chalk that up to great genes…that’s all…’s my signature that makes me different.

 MERCI: Aida, I think where this is coming from, is that many of the people we talked to, thought you could pass for Pacific Islander, Hawaiian, Siberian Russian because of the high cheek bones, Hispanic or even Caucasian under the right circumstances.
Well….I can see why people would have a problem knowing my ethnicity. As I said Filipinos don’t all look alike and we are not a homogenous culture as they are in Japan for example. Many Filipinos can look entirely Spanish, Malay, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, or a composite of all those….. and yes all the nationalities you just mentioned. I think that’s why Filipina women are some of the most beautiful women in the world, because we draw, physically, on all those looks. For me, however, the makeup I am wearing has a lot to do with what could look like that day, and I believe it’s what me versatile at the moment.
MERCI: Aida I could not agree more… to the nitty gritty… did you get into modelling?

Said, it was really an accident. My husband & I were at the W HOTEL in Hollywood for Sunday Jazz Night, and I went outside to the LIVING ROOM which is the patio area, and there was a kick off event & red carpet affair for LA FASHION WEEK. I was simply walking around and a music producer, attending the event, noticed me. Next thing, we are attending the LA FASHION WEEK & STYLE FASHION WEEK as his guests, front row, at both events. From there ……’s a whirl……I got Interviewed by Lawrence Davis, Editor of Splash Magazine and did interviews with LA FASHION MAGAZINE on the Red Carpet. I had some previous experience walking the runway in school, but nothing like this. I met so many interesting people over the last 9 days.

MERCI: Aida we know you had dazzled at both the Day Time & Prime Time EMMYS, were you looking to get into Acting first…..because when I read your bio, you had completed acting school. Is that why you came to Hollywood originally?

I was initially discovered on a previous trip to Los Angeles where we were staying at the Mondrian Hotel on the Strip. The people that discovered me decided that they were going to build a brand and see what they had, as I had no previous experience in the industry. I was classically trained to play the violin, could sing and was university educated, which I suppose, was important to show discipline and the ability to multi task. I ended up completing Acting School at the Aaron Speiser School, with an emphasis on improv & scene study, but had not had any formal acting experience. I then did a demo reel, and completed several choreographed 3 minute monologues in front of talent agents, where I eventually got picked up. My team has several movies & pilots going into pre production in 2015 that I will be involved with, and as you can imagine, I can’t really talk about those projects. As far as attending the events, my management team, particularly my publicist, has always believed in maximum exposure for effect, and that includes my attire & ensemble for those events. So fortunately it has definitely gotten me noticed by Directors & Producers. The modelling opportunity was as a result of being at an event which supported another event. Just great timing….I guess…lol.

MERCI: You got signed by TMJ MODELS….How did that come about?

Well I was at the events for a total of 9 days and in the course of walking the red carpet, doing interviews as an Actress, preparing for up coming movie roles in 2015, I was approached by the Founder of TMJ MODELS to join their roster. They wanted more multi ethnic models, and I just happened to fit the bill…..and during the course of my management team building my brand, the photos on my fan page was all she needed to make an informed decision. I did a Malibu FRESH FACES POSTCARD shoot for TMJ MODELS and I look forward to the experience moving forward. Particularly the HODGES COLLECTION LOOK BOOK coming soon.

MERCI: Aida, you are on the cover of !MERCI MAGAZINE for our Fall/ Winter Issue and You are headed to Boracay Philippines to do your first overseas model shoot. How do you feel about the opportunity and the up coming experience to visit your roots?

Wow…….what a tremendous honour to be on the cover and to be picked to go to Boracay to do this shoot. I feel so blessed for the privilege and can’t wait to be an ambassador for the magazine out there. The opportunity to go to Boracay in the Philippines, has not really sunk in yet. It’s a bit overwhelming thinking about it, particularly knowing that there will be billboards out there with my likeness…I can’t believe what’s happened to me in the last 15 months and I have to say, without my husband, family and close friends’ support, I would not be where I am today. I am also looking forward to visiting extended family aside from modelling over there, and will look to make this holidays the most memorable yet.

MERCI: Ok Aida, off topic what has been your most memorable experience in LA?

I would have to say attending the Prime Time EMMYS, walking the Red Carpet there, the VIP room at the event, and attending the Governor’s Ball afterwards. OMG…..that was a thrill and being able to mingle with celebrities… management keeps telling me that I am a public figure as well…..anyway that was so much fun and the show was great. It’s kind of funny….too… because when we arrived in LA my management sent us to the Spike TV Guy’s Choice Awards, and I was backstage with Matthew McConnaughey, Rosario Dawson, Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Hart……the list goes on…..and that was certainly memorable for a first time experience as well.

MERCI: Thanks Aida! A little bit personal now, what are your likes, your Favorite things to do?

I like shopping, collecting handbags, clutches, purses………travel, spending time with my husband Jay, and going out with friends when the opportunity presents itself.

MERCI: Handbags, what are we talking about here, what king of handbags & how many are in your collection. Are you the Imelda Marcos of Handbags…….?

OMG …..I might be the Imelda …..of handbags…..I have well over 700 handbags, purses, and clutches. I have everything from Hermes to Prada to Louis Vuitton……collector’s items, and then I have hand made, one of a kind pieces from local designers like Lincoln Heller in Vancouver BC. My husband says some bags have never seen the light of day, and he is right, some have barely been outside their casings, but I do sport a lot of them at different events as well. It’s my addiction…..sorry…

MERCI: Aida getting back to your look, you have an amazing body. Your measurements are 34D 23 34. Your waist size is so tiny and you have that hourglass look with the curves. But your bust size sets you apart, do you think having the larger bust is a help or hindrance in the business?

I think more agencies are hiring women that reflect society. Obviously the designers have a lot to do with that answer. It’s too early to know if it’s a help or hindrance, I know for acting, it has helped. I think particularly since Sports Illustrated Model Kate Upton has become a household name, more & more industry professionals are beginning to consider using models with more up top…….or even below….there has been a trend in that direction. As far as my own look…..well….I wear a waist cincher to get that nice thin waist, I exercise, don’t eat processed foods and stay from salt & white sugar. And I am all natural…..I am what I am ….lol……

MERCI: Aida, recently Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend talked about becoming members of the Mile High Club. Chrissy has posted a lot of racy instagram photos of themselves in provocative bedroom scenes and they have been open about their sexuality. I know you are married, any chance of us seeing you and Jay out there? And what about your sex life?

Lol……OMG……No!!! We are not members of the Mile High Club, I don’t even think it’s something that’s even come into our heads. We are guardedly private about our private lives…..Naturally any successful marriage cannot continue without intimacy and we enjoy that aspect of each other. But we keep what we do in the bedroom between us, and we don’t share that with the public. I don’t judge anybody or couple that does…..that’s their own decision, but when it comes to Jay and I, we like to unwind in each other’s arms without the whole world seeing. And we will keep it that way……..

MERCI: That’s diplomatic….lol

It’s the truth though. We have a great sex life, we just don’t need or want to post photos of the two of us simulating it……..I have young nieces and nephews…..I just want to keep everything real professional for me…..again that’s not to say …..that somebody or couple that wants to show the world their affection for one another, is doing anything wrong. To each his own….that’s all. Jay is a wonderful man and supportive, and in any marriage, your sex life is only one part of the whole sum. We are a team, and what goes on in our locker room, stays there…..that’s all. But we do have a locker room and it gets full use….that’s all anyone needs to know.

MERCI: Ok Aida, thanks for clarifying that…..on another point you are headed to Boracay on December 28th for the shoot, what do you attribute your sudden rise to glamour to?

I don’t attribute anything to myself. I attribute everything to my husband, family and friends who have supported me. My management team and publicist have expanded my reach and built a brand on Facebook that I did not know was even possible. There are a lot of beautiful women out there, and while I may have the right look now, I know that I am not above anyone else. I have been blessed with natural beauty from my parents and I am extremely fortunate to be in this position. The shoot in Boracay is a dream come true and this whole experience has been an incredible one. I have had help every step of the way, and I appreciate all the support that’s come from so many people in so many circles.

MERCI: Aida we can’t wait to see the videos & photos from Boracay. On behalf of the Publisher and myself we are glad you are our COVER MODEL for our Inaugural Issue.

Thank you Said for your time…..I can’t wait either.


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Photos by JCK Photography


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