Erika Garces - An International Artist


Smart, funny, warm, dedicated, passionate - just a few of the many ways one could describe Erika Garces’ personality. Erika was born and raised in Ecuador’s capital city: Quito. At the age of 16 she moved to England where she got her first taste of life on stage and has been chasing that wonderful feeling ever since. Erika spent a year in England doing theater, dance and fashion shows before moving back to her home-town. There she made sure she completed her formal education whilst still pursuing her passion of the stage.



The turning point for Erika came when she moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she spent two years at the CIC, a top Cinematic Conservatory for Actors. Thanks to the training at the CIC, Erika had the opportunity to then direct and guide actors in the development of characters for film and theater. After playing supporting roles in more than five plays, Erika got her first lead role in the play called “Venecia” by Jorge Accame. The play was called a “successful comedic show” by numerous local newspapers.


Not only did Erika stand out as a talented actress on stage, but also as an elegant high-fashion model, an explosive Salsa and Hip-hop Dancer, and a passionate, moving Jazz Dancer.


The road to achieving her dreams led Erika to Los Angeles in October 2012. Since her move, she has been involved in numerous artistic projects. Erika was crowned Miss Ecuador 2014 for the Queen of the Universe International Pageant, she stood out in her supporting role for the play ‘Largo Desolato’ directed by the award-winner Milton Justice, and recently opened the play ‘Wild Honey’ in her first experience as an Assistant Director. These are just a few of the many accomplishments Erika has accomplished in her career.


Erika certainly knows what dedication and hard work looks like. She is grateful for her life right now saying, “All I know is that I’m living my dream! And I can tell you I’m in love. I’m in love with my life and everything that is happening to me right now. There is no better feeling than doing what you love every day!”


Keep it up Erika we can’t wait to see what you do next!



Go to Erika Garces’ website to learn more about her and check out these interviews in Spanish for Ecuador, Spain and Argentina.


Also be sure to check out the commercial for Erika’s charity organization in Ecuador


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