Elsi Eng - Multi-Talented Actress from Vancouver, Canada

Elsi Eng is a multi-talented actress from Vancouver, Canada. She is fluent in English and Mandarin. In addition, she is well trained in different types of dancing and martial arts. Her fabulous personality, on and off camera, and her profound attitude towards life made her a joy to be around…

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Elsi Eng is a first-generation Chinese-Canadian. The Eng family was originally from Beijing, China.  Elsi graduated from Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School in 2005, then she acquired a degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia in 2009. In 2010, she moved to Los Angeles, where she obtained a master's degree in “Acting for Film” at the New York Film Academy.


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Elsi started modeling and shooting her first commercial “Y-Teen Star Search Promo” at the age of 16. Followed by that, she was recruited as the front-center dancer of a professional hip-hop team named “Biskitz”. Together with her crew, they performed in many Vancouver festivals. With her extensive background in dancing, Elsi went on to perform lyrical roles in theatre. In 2011, Elsi created her first One-woman show, where she adapted a fairy character from Classic Chinese Novel Dream of The Red Chamber.

Elsi Eng


"Like a beautiful butterfly, Elsi moved on the stage with organic fluidity, precision, and a hint of simplicity. Armed with the arrows of clear intention, she skillfully penetrated the hearts and souls of those who believe in eternal love and others who are shield in their disbelief."

-          Sergei Nazarenko, Actor


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Just recently, Elsi became Disney English’s shining star by working on a Disney-produced electronic storybook designed for the Apple iPad – “Disney Mandarin: Toy Story 3”. The project required a voiceover performer with a extremely unique skill set. First, she had to be a vibrant, engaging storyteller. Next, she had to be a fluent speaker of both English and Mandarin Chinese with native-level pronunciation accuracy in both. Elsi was not just Disney English’s top choice, she was the only choice.

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With her extensive background in dancing, Elsi went on to explore her talent in stunt choreography. She’s been filming two Martial Arts Films back to back this year, starring in both of them. In film “Rise”, she takes on the extensive training for the role “Lotus”, which required her to fight with extremely lethal weapons called Sais. Her dedication is rewarded by her outstanding performance on camera.

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Elsi has a great acting reel, not only because she is a dynamite on screen, but also because she is gifted…with the ability to shine in front of the camera.

Elsi Eng


Elsi Eng

Right now, Elsi is busy training and filming her second martial arts film of the year “In the Cage (feature)”. She is playing “Angel”, a fabulous MMA female cage fighter.


Elsi Eng

Elsi Eng

Elsi Eng

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IMDB: www.imdb.me/elsi.eng
WEBSITE: http://elsieng.workbooklive.com/

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