Elsi Eng “True Blood” Vampire - Drop Dead Gorgeous

Somewhere in Los Angeles, a beautiful evolved soul spreads her magnificent glory throughout the streets of Hollywood. This soul lies within the smart and sexy actress – Elsi Eng. Elsi is a muse, a lion heart, and now a “True Blood” vampire.

Elsi Eng on True Blood

Five years ago, Elsi Eng was living as an expat in Hong Kong. She was young and jobless. She dragged her over-sized suitcase and moved from place to place like a wild child.  She was struggling to settle down in Hong Kong, and ended up sleeping on someone’s couch for more than 3 months. Her prestigious degree in Psychology did not land her a desk job that her parents had hoped for her.

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It was a time when she felt like the sky was falling down on her.  Elsi was so far away from home, and truly lost in life. She packed her suitcase again and moved to Thailand, an even more foreign country, hoping for a miracle while soul-searching. She was down on her knees, asking God for an answer to her destiny. During that time, an unexpected love affair happened, between her and a TV show called “True Blood”.  She fell madly in love with the show from the first episode. This show gave her hopes in life, when she had no job, no home, and no one whom she could lean on.

Wild Child in HK

Feeling inspired, Elsi started re-thinking everything, re-evaluating her life. She finally realized that her priorities lie in an area that she was always afraid to pursue – ACTING.  The burning desire to get on this show turned Elsi’s fear into courage. She decided that she would do whatever it takes to act on “True Blood”. With haste, Elsi moved to Los Angeles, and enrolled in the Master’s Acting program at New York Film Academy. The rest is history.

Elsi Eng Shows her Fangs


Elsi made her official debut on “True Blood” last month, in season 6 episode 9, as a new badass vampire character. Her sex appeal created buzz on the Trueblood Forum after the episode was aired. Audience from everywhere wondered, “Who was that gorgeous Honolulu Asian vampire?” “What’s her story?” and “Are we going to see more of her?”


Trueblood's costume design for Elsi Eng

For Elsi, God has already answered her prayer. After following this show religiously for 5 years, she never stopped dreaming. Now True Blood has returned her love by blessing her first time TV appearance! She is so grateful, because the very show that she loved unconditionally has loved her back generously.

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